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  • WeiQiang


  • drax

    Rabbits? In Arlington? What’s next, chickens?

  • Ralph

    Delicious! Cooked in a red wine, perhaps?

  • CrystalMikey

    Love the fact you spotlighted an animal that needs a home!

  • Glenn Close

    I won’t be ignored, Dan!

  • drax

    If you’ve rabbit-proofed your home, doesn’t that mean you want to keep rabbits out?

    • ArLater

      Most of the times when people have babies they say they’ve child proofed their home. Meaning it is safe so babies can harm themselves. I believe that same context works here too…

      • ARL

        Never seen a baby-proofed house where a baby hadn’t found it’s way in either.

      • Swag

        Why do you want to hurt babies?

        • ArLater

          Haha, fair enough, its the end of the day..

          **Can’t harm…

  • SomeGuy

    Does AWLA get the $25 prize from Dogma each time their rescue animals get the weekly feature?


      Dogma works with AWLA to highlight a pet in need of adoption every month. The prizes are for readers whose pets are chosen at the Pet of the Week.

      • SomeGuy

        Makes sense. If I’m being a stickler though, this language is unclear when you’re declaring an AWLA pet the week’s “winner”:
        “Each week’s winner receives either a $25 Dogma gift card or a prize from another pet-related business.”

  • Lauren

    How sad! Poor thing – I hope he is adopted soon! Would be a great pet for pre-teens
    I had a bunny growing up and i loved him!

    • Hank

      Pre-teens will make him all sticky.

  • Elmer Fudd

    I am intwested in adopting a wabbit.

    • M

      Oh mighty warrior of great fighting stock…..

  • AJR

    I had a Rex rabbit and she was incredibly smart, litter trained herself, and their coats really are as soft as velvet. I wish I could adopt Roo!

  • KathyInArlington

    Roo is absolutely beautiful! I hope someone adopts him.

    • AL

      I agree! Roo looks delicious!

      • Fruity

        This is a particular good way of cooking it, in a broth of beer and a mixture of thyme, rosemary, basil and bay leaves.

        • AL

          Give it to us raw and wriggling!!!!!!!

          • KathyInArlington

            As the guy in the movie Johnny Dangerously said, “Fargin Bastiches!”

  • SHLady

    thanks for featuring a rescue animal!!! he is beautiful. wish I was not allergic to bunnies.


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