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  • novasteve

    Now that’s Lady Fluffington.

  • YTK

    I hope she sued her vet

  • Martha Krafton

    Kochi was treated and saved by the great doctors at Alexandria Animal Hospital on Duke Street who were just amazing!

  • Papi

    Gonna pleasure myself to this one.

    • dr seuss


  • Shame

    It’s a shame that the cat is stuck with Comcast as its cable provider.

    • Tommy

      LOL! I guess she’s had two near-death experiences. Seriously, I am glad that beautiful kitty was rescued and then recovered from the ordeal.

  • AL

    That cat is probably the only vertebrate in Arlington that enjoys Comcast.

    • novasteve

      nah, my cats like watching cable.

      • AL

        Clearly your cats have never had to deal with Comcast’s customer service!

        • novasteve

          Use the online chat thing. it’s much better than using the phone. I got my cable modem swapped relatively painelessly rather recently.

          • AL

            Comcast fanboy! I, too, have used the online chat when they raised our bill 3X in 6 months for no reason. They said they couldn’t do anything about it. Then we called customer service and they couldn’t explain it either, but then offered to give us a 1 year promotion if we upgraded to 2 HD boxes. We did this, and guess what happened the following month? Our rates went up!

            Comcast is a joke!!!

          • novasteve

            I’m not complaining, but my rates have actually dropped for the past 2 months, by a about $30/month. I’m sure it will probably go up to $150/month starting next month, but I’ve gotten a discount without asking for it. Every six months I usually tell them I’ll just reduce to basic cable, and then they offer me a 6 month intro rate. I think my 6 months just expired 2 months ago, but instead of jacking it up, it went down even further.

    • bobco85

      Comcast’s remote controllers double as cat toys when their connection inevitably fails.

    • Ivy

      AL, that’s funny!! You ar right…..Kochi is probably the only vertebrate in Arlington who likes Comcast

  • Penrosey

    This leaves me nervous and wondering who the original vet is that didn’t warn about the toxic OTC stuff! Poor kitty!!!

  • KathyInArlington

    Kochi is a beautiful kitty. Thank goodness she was adopted by a loving person and then survived the recommended medication for her skin problem. If I were a kitty, I would be in my recliner with my remote in paw, too.

  • Ivy

    That is so scary! Kochi is precious though.

  • FlemishChef

    Makes you wonder if it would affect the taste or mouth feel of the meat.

  • Don

    So what;s the name of the vet?

    If a pre-teen youngster throws a rock through your window, the media discloses the kid’s name (including the kid’s complete middle name which the kid may not even know).

    But if a vet almost kills your cat, the name is not disclosed. It is almost as if the media is protecting business instead of serving the readers, who nee to know, so if they are patronizing the vet, they can decide whether or not to continue to do so.

    The purpose of the media is to inform the public so that they can make informed decisions. The role of the media is NOT to protecxt incompetent businesses.

    So publish the name of the vet so that all readers will know.


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