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newty25 December 17, 2012 - 4:37 pm #61408 Reply

Columbia Pike is turning into another Clarendon -- trendy overpriced places (and a FROYO establishment!) joggers running down the sidewalks, bicycles speeding down the sidewalks, people coming out of restaurants to smoke while standing three abreast on the sidewalk, drivers speeding down the pike, making quick turns and being affronted when they encounter people trying to cross the street - I guess sidewalks are not for pedestrians anymore.

I personally think there should be a law banning urban running on certain streets in Arlington. Of course, it would require signs and citing people wouldn’t be easy when most people don’t run with an ID on them. But, I hate urban runners… and I’m even a runner. When I have to run down a major road to get somewhere, I use the bike lane or go around that street.


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