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Crime Report: Peepers, Creepers

by | February 6, 2014 at 10:50 am | 3,013 views | No Comments

Police are investigating a string of creepy crimes in North Arlington.

Early Monday morning, a suspect was seen peeping into a bedroom window in Cherrydale.

PEEPING TOM, 140203028, 2100 block of N. Taylor Street. On February 3 at 2:15pm, a victim reported that around 1am that previous night, while he was sleeping, his girlfriend awoke and saw an unknown subject’s shadow looking into the bedroom window. The victim then yelled and the suspect fled. There is no suspect description.

Later Monday morning, a man in the North Highland neighborhood allegedly ran up and touched a woman’s behind while pleasuring himself.

SEXUAL BATTERY, 140203015, 1600 block of N. 21st Street. On February 3 at 9:56am, a suspect touched a victim’s buttocks as she walked past him and then she turned to see the suspect masturbating. The victim fled the scene. The suspect is described as an approximately 5’9” white or Hispanic male in his thirties. At the time of the incident the suspect was wearing red plaid pajama pants and a multi-colored headband. The investigation is ongoing.

Monday evening, a woman in Lyon Park reported that someone had moved a lawn chair in her backyard and used it to peep into her bedroom.

PEEPING TOM, 140203047, 700 block of N. Cleveland Street. On February 3 at 7:02pm, a victim reported that between 1/30/14 and 2/3/14, an unknown subject had moved a lawn chair from her backyard to the side of her house, below a bedroom window. It appears that the suspect stood on the chair to see into the bedroom. There is no suspect description. 

The rest of this week’s Arlington County crime report, after the jump. All named suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.


Crime Report: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

by | January 3, 2014 at 1:45 pm | 1,868 views | No Comments

The Arlington County Police Department has issued its crime report for the two weeks ending Dec. 31.

A few days before Christmas, some Grinch stole a fruit basket (and a gift card) from a Virginia Square apartment mail room.

BURGLARY, 131219008, 3500 block of N. Washington Boulevard. At 7:30 am on December 19, a victim noticed several packages of his had been opened in an apartment mail room. A fruit basket and Amazon gift card were stolen. There is no suspect(s) description.

The day after Christmas, with returns and post-holiday shopping in full swing, a man allegedly used his cell phone to film a woman in a dressing room.

PEEPING TOM, 131226018, unit block of S. Glebe Road. At 1:24 pm on December 26, a 24 year-old female victim reported a suspect attempted to film her with his phone as she was changing in the dressing room. The suspect fled the scene when the victim notified a store employee. The suspect is described as a Middle Eastern male in his 30’s, approximately 5’10” tall and 190 lbs with a goatee. He was wearing a dark and light blue sweater, jeans and brown shoes at the time of the incident.

The rest of the crime report, after the jump. All names suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in court.


Police Arrest Peeper, Seek Additional Victims

by Katie Pyzyk | July 2, 2013 at 3:45 pm | 1,895 views | No Comments

Michael Tomlin Michael Tomlin

Police have arrested a man accused of several recent peeping incidents, and they’re asking other potential victims to come forward.

On Sunday afternoon, 48-year-old Michael Tomlin allegedly hid in a stall of a women’s restroom in a movie theater and was caught looking over the stall at a juvenile victim. Tomlin reportedly fled when the girl’s father confronted him. The father immediately contacted authorities with a description of the suspect, and the Arlington County Police Department’s Special Victims Unit found Tomlin yesterday in the 4300 block of N. Carlin Springs Road.

Tomlin has been arrested and charged with Trespassing and Peeping Tom. He is being held at the Arlington County Detention Facility on a $5,000 secured bond.

Tomlin has a history of criminal behavior and has served jail time for peeping tom incidents. He was released from jail in May, and has been tied to three peeping incidents since then, including one at Ballston Common Mall last month and the Clarendon Barnes and Noble in May. Police believe he may be responsible for other peeping incidents and they’re asking other victims to come forward.

Anyone who recognizes Tomlin from his recent booking photo (above left) or previous booking photo (above right) and may have information about him or additional crimes he may be involved with is asked to call Detective Jamey Trainer at 703-228-4185 or email Information can also be reported anonymously by contacting the Arlington County Crime Solvers at 866-411-TIPS.

Crime Report: Peeping Tom at Ballston Common Mall

by | June 12, 2013 at 11:30 am | 3,000 views | No Comments

Police are on the lookout for a man seen peeking under a women’s bathroom stall at Ballston Common Mall.

The incident happened just before 6:00 p.m. on Monday. The crime and the suspect description is strikingly similar to that of another peeping tom incident at the Clarendon Barnes and Noble bookstore on May 24.

From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

PEEPING TOM, 06/10/13, 4200 block of N. Wilson Boulevard. At 5:50 pm on June 10, a male subject was caught looking at a female under the bathroom stall in the women’s restroom. The suspect fled the scene and is described as a white male in his early forties, approximately 5’7” tall with a medium build. He had shaggy brown hair and was wearing a brown t-shirt and khaki pants.

The rest of the crime report, after the jump.


Police Search for Clarendon Peeping Tom

by Katie Pyzyk | May 28, 2013 at 3:45 pm | 1,651 views | No Comments

Arlington County Police Department badgePolice are looking for a man accused of peeping on a woman while she was in a restroom stall at the Barnes and Noble (2800 Clarendon Blvd) in Clarendon.

Around 7:50 p.m. on Friday (May 24), a woman was using the restroom at the store when she saw a man peek over her stall. She and her husband immediately reported the incident to the store manager. The man allegedly fled the store when he saw the manager calling police.

The suspect is described as a 5’10″ white male in his 40s with shaggy brown hair. At the time of the incident he was wearing a red t-shirt with a grey button down shirt over it, and blue jeans. He was also carrying a large green bag.

Police are examining the store’s surveillance video from the time of the incident. Anyone who may have seen the suspect or who the may have more information about the incident is asked to call the Arlington County Police non-emergency number at 703-558-2222.

Girl Startled by Peeper in Ballston Restaurant Bathroom

by Katie Pyzyk | July 31, 2012 at 3:45 pm | 4,731 views | 45 Comments

Police are looking for a man caught peeping in a women’s bathroom, and he may be a repeat offender.

According to police, a juvenile female was using the restroom in a restaurant at the Ballston mall last night (Monday) when she saw an odd shadow on the ground. She reportedly looked up to see a man peeping over her stall. The girl reports the man then ducked into a stall, because she could see his feet as she left.

The girl, who is visiting from Ireland, left the restroom and told the 19-year-old woman and 22-year-old man she was with what had just happened. According to police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck, the woman and man then found the suspect and confronted him. He claimed to have been confused about which restroom he had been in.

Although it’s not certain that this is the same man who has been reported in two other indecent incidents recently, it appears there are similarities. He’s described as a white male in his 50s, with grayish-brownish hair to his shoulders. At the time of last night’s incident, he was described as wearing a light colored button down shirt over a darker colored shirt, with baggy blue jeans and black and white sneakers.

“He does have some similarities to the previous offender,” said Sternbeck. “If this is the same person, he’s been frequently engaging in crimes of this nature, whether exposures or peeping. We want to get him into custody immediately.”

As with the previous incidents, there was a lag between the time of the incident and reporting it to police. Police ask any victims or witnesses of these types of crimes to report them immediately to increase the chances of the suspect being caught. Confronting the suspect is not recommended because it’s unknown if he may try to inflict harm.

Crime Report: Strike Three Edition

by | July 12, 2012 at 8:45 am | 4,514 views | 38 Comments

In the latest Arlington County crime report, a routine traffic stop turned into something more serious when the driver reportedly claimed to be a police officer. According to police, the man was in fact not an officer, and the “bullet proof vest” he was wearing was anything but.

IMPERSONATING A POLICE OFFICER, 07/06/12, 1700 block of S. Arlington Boulevard. At 2:15 am on July 6, a subject was stopped for a traffic infraction and indicated he was a police officer and was wearing a bullet proof vest. Upon investigation, it was learned he was not an officer and was wearing a baseball catchers vest under his clothing. Stephen Clark Robinson, 37, of Washington, DC, was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer, possession of a altered driver’s license, no operator’s license, and failure to ID.

Also from this week’s crime report — which includes items from the past two week, due to the July 4 holiday — a woman was robbed at gunpoint, on the Fourth of July, in the normally safe Pentagon City area.

ARMED ROBBERY, 07/04/12, 1300 block of S. Eads Street. At 5:25 am on July 4, a female victim was robbed at gunpoint for the tote bag she was carrying that had cash, credit cards and a phone. The suspect fled the scene in a beige minivan. The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 6’0” tall and 150 lbs. He was wearing dark clothing and had a black bandana around his face at the time of the incident.

Finally, police are looking for a man who stood on a toilet in the ladies’ room of the Ballston-area Harris Teeter, watching the ladies do their business.

PEEPING TOM, 07/07/12, 600 block of N. Glebe Road. Between 5:35 and 6:32 pm on July 7, an unknown male subject entered the female restroom in a grocery store and was seen standing on the toilet watching females use the restroom. The suspect fled the scene after being confronted by the store manager. The suspect is described as a white male, 30s, 5’7”-8” tall and 200 lbs. He had long curly brown hair and was wearing a long sleeve green t-shirt and jeans at the time of the incident.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump.


Crime Report: Creepy Behavior at Ballston Mall

by | March 7, 2012 at 3:13 pm | 7,816 views | 32 Comments

There were two incidents of men arrested for downright creepy behavior at Ballston Common Mall on Monday.

First, a man was arrested for allegedly masturbating while watching women work out at the Ballston Sport & Health Club in the mall.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 03/05/12, 4200 block of Wilson Boulevard. At 6:20 am on March 5, a subject was seen masturbating in a public area of the mall while he was watching women exercise through a gym window. Alexei Rodriguez, 37, of no fixed address, was charged with indecent exposure and trespassing. He is being held without bond.

Just three hours later, a man was arrested for allegedly hiding inside a stall in the women’s bathroom.

PEEPING TOM, 03/05/12, 4200 block of Wilson Boulevard. On March 5 at 9:40 am, a male subject was found in a female bathroom stall peeping into the remaining area by Mall Security. Jacques Toube, 50, of Riverdale, MD, was charged with peeping and was held on a secured bond.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump.


Crime Report: Peeping and Creeping

by | August 25, 2010 at 4:43 pm | 941 views | 6 Comments

This week’s Arlington County Crime Report contains a five creepy incidents that all occurred in north Arlington. Four incidents happened at night, but one happened yesterday in Ballston during the day. In the first incident, at least the suspect had the good sense to apologize.

SEXUAL BATTERY 08/22/10, 700 block of N. Wayne Street. On August 22 at 2:15 am, an unknown man approached a woman from behind and put his hand up her skirt. The victim confronted the suspect and he apologized and left the area. The suspect is described as an African American male in his late 20’s, 5’7”, wearing a black tank top and dark basketball shorts.

ATTEMPT SEXUAL BATTERY 08/24/10, 4300 block of Fairfax Drive. On August 24 at 3:45 pm, a woman was walking in a parking garage when an unknown suspect reached under her skirt. The suspect fled when she yelled. He is described as an African American male in his late 20’s, 5’8” wearing dark clothing.

PEEPING TOM 08/21/10, 1200 block of N. Quinn Street. On August 21 at 2:45 am, a woman heard a noise outside her bedroom window. When she looked outside, a man wearing light colored pants fled from the area.

PEEPING TOM 08/21/10, 1600 block of N. 21st Street. On August 21 at 12:50 am, a witness saw an unknown man looking in apartment windows. The suspect was a tall and thin white male in his 20’s wearing a dark t-shirt and shorts.

PEEPING TOM 08/22/10, 1600 block of N. 21st Street. On August 22 at 10:30 pm, a woman noticed an unknown person peering into her apartment. There is no suspect description.

The rest of the crime report, after the jump.



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