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Christmas tree prices
  • Takato December 20, 2012 - 11:58 am #61790 Reply

    I know im a little late but im buying my tree tonight and was wondering if anyone knew the best prices around. This would be the first year im buying a live tree and dont really know what they go for. I went to home depot a few days ago and saw some for around $30. Im looking for something 6-7 feet tall, is $30 a good price or would I get a better deal going to the parking lots, like the one at lee and glebe or the one on columbia pike and george mason?

    newty25 December 20, 2012 - 1:04 pm #61798 Reply

    I don’t buy live trees any longer, but if you save some money, go to Home Depot. The smaller, local lots charge more… but usually have a pretty good product.

    The costs really relates to the density and type of tree. If you find a cheap one that has good density, go with it.

    Take a glove with you to HD and a pair of scissors and open each tree. It helps if you have someone with you to step back and see any potential holes. If you find one that has a hole but you really like the rest of the tree… put the hole toward the wall and you’ll never notice it.

    Good luck.

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