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Hey Walmart – If DC doesn't want you, we'll take you!
  • Dezlboy July 11, 2013 - 2:34 pm #79690 Reply

    @NS wrote, “Then perhaps start a tip system at walmart? All the self righteous walmart haters can provide tips to supplement their income. Oh wait, you expect others to do it. I keep on forgetting. You are always so generous with other people's money. How coudl I have forgotten?”

    Er, I suspect that Walmart employees are forbidden from taking tips.  But, it’s interesting to note that instead of addressing my answer to your question and trying to move the discussion forward, you respond with a most snarky answer.  But, not your best.

    Dezlboy July 11, 2013 - 2:36 pm #79691 Reply

    @John Fountain wrote per my Walmart pay figures, “Wouldn't those same factors also be applicable at other retailers whose wages are reflected in the BLS statistics?”

    Yes, I guess. But the gist of the Huff Post article was that Walmart is very secretative about their wage structure, part time vs full time employees, etc. Such that the company doesn’t provide an accurate accounting and is misleading.


    novasteve July 11, 2013 - 2:46 pm #79694 Reply

    I’m curious, do they people here who demand walmart pay more, pay as much to their illegal alien housekeepers as they would pay to a person legally present in the country? I’ll ignore that you can’t “lower”yourselves to actually clean yourselves. I k now how important you think you are. But is it fair to people less for the same work only becaucse you are hiring illegal aliens?


    Do you pay the illegal aliens who cut your law as much as you would pay people who are legally here?

    Dezlboy July 11, 2013 - 2:53 pm #79695 Reply

    @NS, funny, but I don’t recall anyone demanding that Walmart pay more.  Your comment about “lowering” ourselves to clean our own homes is pretty snarky, as is your comment per you knowing how” important” we think we are. Why is it I am always reminded of  Psychology 1o1, Chapter 7, Transferece when I read your accusations?  Can’t wait for NS Fridays!

    Sunshine July 11, 2013 - 3:02 pm #79698 Reply

    “workers are part-time (Walmart won't disclose numbers), and earn much less.  Also, that average includes long-term workers who have been given raises over the years."

    This is true. Lots of retailers deliberately keep employee hours under 30 per week so that they don’t have to pay benefits. They cobble together coverage so that almost no one is over 32 hours ( if they stay a few minutes late here and there) on a regular basis. Then, they hire a manager or two, pay them salary and work them to death; way, way over forty hours a week, so they don’t have to hire more employees. The raises they get are almost laughable. I once suggested a twenty five cent an hour raise for an employee who was doing a very good job and the owner of the store slashed through it and wrote ten cents in red marker in it’s place. Okay, I get it, you don’t have to write it in bold red. It felt terrible to give this employee a great performance evaluation only to then tell them they were getting ten cents an hour raise! Most employees would have to be very long term to get enough in raises to make it from minimum wage to a living wage.

    novasteve July 11, 2013 - 3:06 pm #79701 Reply

    Curious for those who stated that it doesn’t violate equal protectoin because walmart is a company/employer. What are your opinions on obama care mandate being delayed for employers but not individuals?????




    How will you avoid that?

    wimmer201 July 11, 2013 - 3:07 pm #79702 Reply

    Just once I’d like the “lawyer” to post something not littered with typos and horrific grammar.

    Dezlboy July 11, 2013 - 3:13 pm #79708 Reply

    @wimmer201, I’d like the “lawyer” to stay on subject and not attempt to throw into the argument one of fifty or so pre-selected issues or tag-lines.  I would also like the “lawyer” to reduce the number of empty lines in his postings so I don’t need to move my mouse wheel so much.

    novasteve July 11, 2013 - 3:13 pm #79709 Reply

    Nice response wimmer. So where is your outrage that obama is giving businesses a break from obamacare but not individuals?

    Dezlboy July 11, 2013 - 3:22 pm #79713 Reply

    @winner, I admit that NS has a good point. And where is your outrage that the Montreal Canadiens signed Michael McCarron to a three-year entry-level contract?

    Captain_Obvious July 11, 2013 - 3:38 pm #79719 Reply

    Why do you people still try to “converse” with this freak ?  He is incapable of staying on topic and participating in a healthy back and forth exchange.

    Dezlboy July 11, 2013 - 3:42 pm #79721 Reply

    @C_O, why?  Cause I don’t take him serious at all.  But, admit I do spend too much time providing real answers with real facts to him.  While providing the same to other posters is a pleasure.

    Captain_Obvious July 11, 2013 - 3:46 pm #79723 Reply

    Right Dezl, he doesn’t care about FACTS…so its pointless.  He just wants a forum to spew his hate.

    Dezlboy July 11, 2013 - 3:55 pm #79733 Reply

    @C_O, I don’t think his main purpose is spewing hate.  The spewing hate helps achieve the main purpose that is drawing attention to himself and making himself the object of discussion, vice the subject of the thread. And, unfortunately, his repotorie is limited a five or subjects with five or so sub-bullets repeated ad-nauseum with an emphasis on asking inane questions and making wild exaggerated statements.

    I imagine that this person either is very very sucessful as a lawyer, or not so successful.  In the legal profession, technique and showboating is as valuable as knowledge and logic.  On the other hand, its much harder to fake being an intelligent brain surgeon. Especially one who works at Walmart for sub-standard wages.

    Captain_Obvious July 11, 2013 - 3:59 pm #79734 Reply

    basically a narcissist, which I’ve been saying all along.  No way he’s a successful anything unless his job is to work for different websites polluting the messageboards in an attempt at gaining eyeballs.

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