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Live in Cardinal House Condos or close by?
  • elbartels December 17, 2013 - 8:25 pm #95741 Reply

    We lost our beagle-black lab mix, Chloe, when she ran from our pet sitter’s house on North Adams Street Saturday night. After flyers, Craigslist, Facebook and everything else we could think of, we hired a dog tracker, who said her dogs indicated that Chloe was picked up by a car at Cardinal House Condos, 3300 Spout Run in Arlington, sometime after Sunday morning.

    That condo complex might  not allow dogs (not sure if this is totally true or not…), so we’re hoping maybe it was a resident of a neighboring condo who will see this.

    If anyone knows anyone who lives at that complex or a neighboring building, and you’re willing to get the word out somehow (flyer, email, anything), we’d really appreciate it. A photo of the dog is attached. Yes, there’s a reward for Chloe’s safe return. 

    If you know anything, please call 312-307-7075 or 847-644-2299, or turn her over to Arlington Animal Welfare League at 703-931-9241. Or, drive her out to 4705 Surry Place in Alexandria, 22304. 

    Chloe is a 12-year-old beagle-black lab mix (acts much younger than 12), who is mostly black.  She has four white socks on her paws/legs — the longest sock by far is on her left front paw. She also has a white tip of her tail, and a white chest and belly.  She has some (very limited) tan on her legs and muzzle.


    This dog, a beagle-lab mix named Chloe, may have been picked up by someone who lives in or near Cardinal House Condos, 3300 Spout Run. Please call 312-307-7075 anytime, day or night, with information.


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