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Marine Corps Marathon 2013
  • CrystalMikey September 19, 2013 - 8:16 am #87436 Reply

    So, who else is running the Marine Corps Marathon this year?  Sure see a lot of fellow Arlingtonians out there getting their training runs in.  For me this will be my first and can’t wait for it to be over.  One and done I say!

    CourthouseChris September 19, 2013 - 8:48 am #87444 Reply

    I ran it last year, that was my first marathon. Schedule this year didn’t permit the time to properly train for it, so I’ll just be doing the Army Ten Miler which I do every year. The MCM is a fun race, I really enjoyed it. I may try another Marathon next year.

    Good luck to you!

    CrystalMikey September 19, 2013 - 9:25 am #87455 Reply

    Thanks Chris!  I’m also running the ATM as well…see you out there!

    wimmer201 September 19, 2013 - 9:48 am #87469 Reply

    It was 2 MCM’s and done for me.  2008 and 2010.  Definitely challenging but a great feeling crossing the line.  Good luck….hope the weather is as good as it is today!

    NoVapologist September 19, 2013 - 11:16 am #87520 Reply

    I have run 3 MCMs.  My knees won’t allow me to run another one, unfortunately.


    Funny MCM story – I used to work with a disabled guy (wheelchair) named Bob.  One of his good friends was the guy that coordinates the wheelchair entrants for local races.  The friend wanted a really good turnout for the MCM, so he asks Bob to come down.  Bob did some wheelchair basketball but he did not do any endurance sports.  He tries to decline the invitation, but the friend assures Bob, “don’t worry, it’s just about the turnout/photo op at the start.  After the first mile, you can turn off and go home.” So Bob shows up, the horn goes off, and Bob starts rolling.  After the first mile, he starts to exit the course, but he is met with spectators patting him on the back and yelling, “Yeah! – you’re awesome!  Keep going!  You can do it!”  So he goes another mile and tries to turn off again, only to be faced with more spectators telling him how inspirational he is and goading him to keep going.  So he goes another mile and again tries to turn off – but people keep yelling encouragement at him.  Long story short – he never finds a place on the course without spectators to escape and ends up doing the full 26.2 miles.  He said it was many months before he spoke to his friend again.

    CourtLady September 19, 2013 - 2:40 pm #87618 Reply

    I love the MCM!  I live on Lee Highway and I really enjoy watching all the runners and others come by in the morning.  I cheer for you and my dog barks at you (he likes to chase joggers)!  I even don’t mind not being able to leave the parking garage until after 11 am :)

    CrystalMikey September 20, 2013 - 8:29 am #87688 Reply

    Thanks Wimmer and CourtLady!


    NoVapologist – that is such a funny story and I can totally picture that happening to the guy!

    Choogirl September 20, 2013 - 12:32 pm #87733 Reply

    I’m running Marine Corps for the 5th time.  It’s my favorite race.  What I really want to know right now…Will Heavy Seas Alehouse be open in time for the race?  That’s a big hill to climb after 26.2 miles.  A local restaurant with beer and burgers is just what we need after the race!

    CrystalMikey September 20, 2013 - 2:05 pm #87745 Reply

    5 times?  Wow…what are your thoughts on this year’s course?

    Quoth the Raven September 20, 2013 - 3:44 pm #87755 Reply

    I have an opinion on this year’s course – it’s too long.  Just like last year’s course was!

    Choogirl September 20, 2013 - 3:51 pm #87756 Reply

    I like this year’s course.  I think it will eliminate the choke point that slowed everyone down in previous years.  Plus I won’t complain about a course being flatter. ;)

    Scarlet Knight September 21, 2013 - 8:10 pm #87785 Reply

    Hoping that the third time will be a charm.

    CrystalMikey September 23, 2013 - 10:44 am #87823 Reply

    LOL @ the Raven

    Almost a month out!  Can’t wait to taper…

    cmeuchne September 24, 2013 - 7:49 am #87907 Reply

    I respect the commitment of anyone who trains for a marathon.  In some respects the marathon itself was anticlimactic after the months of serious training.

    Anyway, not be be a Debby Downer, but I don’t participate in the MCM anymore.  Age (arthritis) and the aggravation.

    I ran the MCM six times.  First time in ’93.  I ran it competitively (PB @ 3:00 hrs.)  It was different then.  Field was a lot smaller, not as many “casual” runners, and not the cattle drive it has become. Bottom line, there’s just too many runners, and the Corps staff, God bless ‘em, but they’re become overwhelmed.

    I still come out on my bike and root for everyone.  Hope the weather is goodf (like this morning’s).  Good luck all!



    CrystalMikey September 24, 2013 - 8:12 am #87908 Reply

    Yeah, I bet it was a totally different experience in ’93.  More serene, perhaps?  When was the last time you ran it?

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