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One Way Traffic on N Garfield Needs to Change
  • clarendon dave December 8, 2012 - 2:56 pm #60738 Reply

    Anyone know who to talk to rework the northbound one way direction on N. Garfield in Clarendon?  No good way to get on Washington Blvd southbound anymore with Garfield access closed.  Fillmore is already one way northbound and based on the congestion and Trader Joe’s delivery trucks, detour through 11th St and Highland doesn’t appear to be able to absorb the added southbound flow onto Washington Blvd.  If the change is semi-permanent due to construction, recommend they switch the flow to one way southbound on N. Garfield between Washington and 11th St.

    redstang423 December 11, 2012 - 5:10 pm #60948 Reply

    Perhaps it is the Traffic division of Arlington County? Maybe Permits and Inspections? Someone at the County will be able to direct you. I do agree though – the normal ways are all either closed or dangerous. My garage is on Garfield, so I have been going south on Garfield, turning right on 11th, then left on Highland, but visibility is almost nil for cars going northbound due to the construction fences. The other way I go is north on Garfield across Clarendon Blvd, then circle back around to go south on Highland coming from Wilson. It usually adds 5 minutes or so with all the lights, but at least I can see traffic.

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