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Private investigators get things wrong
  • howiefelterup July 26, 2013 - 5:04 pm #81562 Reply


    I was having trouble posting this piece on the comments section of today’s article so here is my take.

    Let me tell you what one of these Private Investigator clowns did to me.   A few years back,  there was a large amount of tools stolen from a construction site. Right after the tools went missing, a laborer didn’t show up for work, and I guess they couldn’t find him.  This laborer had the same name as I have, and was approximately the same age.  So the construction company reports the theft to the police and hires a PI to track this guy down.  The police were smart enough to figure out I was not the suspect because they never called me, or showed up at my house.  The PI proved not as bright.  He called me several times on the phone threatening to “ruin my life” if the tools weren’t returned.  I kept explaining that I was not the guy he thought I was, and he then threatened to come over to my house with several police officers he “works with”  and if that happens  he then will have no control over what happens to me.   “It will be a police matter,” he said.    I finally hung up on him.  This jerk then uses veromi to call my sister and my brother and tells them to tell me I would go to jail if I didn’t return the tools.  He wouldn’t listen to anything they had to say either, he had the internet to prove I was his man.  I had to go to the personnel office of my company and tell them a clown thought I was a thief, and he may be stupid enough to show up where I work.   I ended up calling the police on him, and it appeared they had heard similar stories about these wanna be detectives.   Give me a break, they can do nothing more than you can do with a veromi account, and a link to state court records search.  But, In my case, they can did some real damage and upset innocent people and their families.


    howiefelterup July 26, 2013 - 5:24 pm #81565 Reply

    In conclusion

    Imagine, you go to work in an office each day, pay your taxes and healthcare premiums for your family, and have a wife, toddler, and a newborn at home.   You are not getting enough sleep having a newborn, and this type of jerk  then calls you on the phone and treats you like a felon.  Even though you are polite to him and you try to address his questions, he interrupts you at every stage to berate you and let you know he is in charge.    He lies to you, acts as if you are a lying idiot, and he tells you he has friends in the police department that are going to take you down.  He then calls your relatives to inform them you are a felon.

    After his third call, You then have to explain to your wife and your employer an idiot  and raving a$$hole is after you, and he may soon show up at your home or your office anytime now, but it is not your fault.

    nom de guerre July 26, 2013 - 5:32 pm #81566 Reply

    Cool story, bro,  Do you still have the tools?

    Dezlboy July 26, 2013 - 6:28 pm #81569 Reply

    @nom de guère: you are so cruel! :-)

    @howie: I bet it would not be worth it, but i wonder if you could have sued this “dick”. ?

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