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Suicides in Virginia: White males most likely to do it
  • novasteve July 26, 2013 - 9:27 am #81379 Reply

    So will they have special programs dedicated to reducing the amount of suicides in white males or do you have to have special protected status? I guess all that privilege causes suicide, eh? I’m fairly certain this story will be mostly ignored due to who is most likely to commit suicide because they aren’t a historical victim group, thus it doesn’t matter.

    CommentBot July 26, 2013 - 9:36 am #81381 Reply

    I recognize a cry for help when I see one.


    Razbo Oscar July 26, 2013 - 9:37 am #81383 Reply

    Question #1: No

    Question #2: No

    Your Opinion: OK

    Dezlboy July 26, 2013 - 9:44 am #81384 Reply

    I support suicide prevention programs, even for groups without protected status. Earthworms and elephants alike deserve the to live a full long life as the creator intended.

    novasteve July 26, 2013 - 9:45 am #81385 Reply

    Dezlboy: SOmething tells me you wouldn’t be making jokes if the highest suicide rates were amongst female muslim hispanics.

    Captain_Obvious July 26, 2013 - 9:48 am #81392 Reply

    translation:  NS doesn’t like females, muslims, and hispanics.  Its so easy to figure out who you hate based on your posts.

    But I digress…historically, white men have always had higher suicide rates…so what are you getting at ?  There are suicide hotlines, prevention groups, etc.   Are you advocating for something different ?

    And have you ever known someone who committed suicide ?

    novasteve July 26, 2013 - 9:51 am #81393 Reply

    1. Nice baseless accusation. Do you nornally accuse people of being misogynist, anti hispanic islamophobes in one sentence?


    2. Historically women are much more likely to get breast cancer than men are, I guess that’s why we have no programs, events, funding, etc to deal with this predominatly woman’s issue, right? I mean they could invent a cure themselves if they went to a lab or went to med school, right? Would you say what you said about any other group? no you wouldn’t.


    3. Yes. And they were all white males.

    wimmer201 July 26, 2013 - 10:06 am #81394 Reply

    Let. The. Troll.  Starve.

    novasteve July 26, 2013 - 10:21 am #81395 Reply

    Yes, because discussing an issue presented by Arlnow on the front page is “trolling”


    I guess to people who want to pretend the problem doesn’t exist so they don’t have to address it. I thought white men are “privileged”? So why do they have the highest suicide rate? Universities all over the US are h aving “check your privilege” events. Or are you going to pretend they aren’t?

    Dezlboy July 26, 2013 - 10:33 am #81396 Reply

    @NS, just a reminder to check out the “Streetcar Discussion with Walter Tejada” thread to read the final description of our friendly wager, that “expires” at noon.

    (All…sorry to cross-post……)

    Dezlboy July 26, 2013 - 10:37 am #81397 Reply

    @NS wrote, “SOmething tells me you wouldn't be making jokes if the highest suicide rates were amongst female muslim hispanics.”

    I would still be making jokes.  Now if the highest suicide rates were highest amongst female muslim hispanic internet trolls, that would be a much different matter!

    Swag July 26, 2013 - 10:40 am #81398 Reply



    Whoa, now. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

    halj July 26, 2013 - 11:04 am #81400 Reply

    We should pause and applaud n*******e’s ability to extract a divisive, hateful angle from a story like this.  That takes real skill.

    Captain_Obvious July 26, 2013 - 11:29 am #81402 Reply

    NS, I think everyone here knows my accusation is not baseless at all.

    So what are you getting at with this thread?  What do you wanna talk about?

    Dezlboy July 26, 2013 - 12:13 pm #81411 Reply

    @C_O: Good try. Good Luck  You know you won’t get a decent reply from NS.

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