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That long closed Indian restaurant near O'Sullivans
  • novasteve August 2, 2013 - 12:38 pm #82273 Reply

    I haven’t been there in ages, but is that indian restaurant there still sitting vacant? Nothing in over 10 years now?

    CommentBot August 2, 2013 - 1:22 pm #82277 Reply

    You might soon be in luck, it looks like they are expanding.

    novasteve August 2, 2013 - 1:29 pm #82278 Reply

    The moroccan place is closing?

    GoodOmens August 2, 2013 - 1:35 pm #82279 Reply

    The Moroccan place is just a facade now.  There is no space now until the building behind it is finished.

    newty25 August 2, 2013 - 4:58 pm #82409 Reply

    Yeah… there’s just a brick wall there now… just a facade.

    Aaron August 5, 2013 - 3:52 pm #82566 Reply

    For those who are new arrivals or otherwise confused, there used to be both an Indian restaurant (Madhu Ban) and a Moroccan restaurant (A Taste of Morocco) on that block.

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