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Update on 4/2/10 — Paul and Storm say the event was a “huge success.” Storm successfully ate the entire 12-serving cake, and the duo raised more than $2,750 for the Arlington Food Assistance Center.

Want to see a geek have his cake and eat it, too?

A self-proclaimed “geek musician” who goes by the name of “Storm” will be attempting to eat an entire Carvel “Fudgie the Whale” cake, live on the internet, at 8:00 tonight.

The stunt was originally meant to mark Storm and bandmate Paul reaching 10,000 Twitter followers. Now it has been transformed into a fundraiser.

Paul and Storm are asking their fans for donations, all of which will go to the Arlington Food Assistance Center.

The “Fudgiethon” is being held at online retailer Think Geek’s headquarters in Fairfax. Those who donate will also be enrolled in a chance to win a $100 Think Geek gift certificate.

It may be April Fool’s Day, but this is no joke! Wired has more details.

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Lyon Hall Opening by Mid-AprilLyon Hall manager Andrew Limberg tells the Washington Post that they’ve passed their inspections and expect to open within two weeks. Writes WaPo’s Julia Beizer: “Let’s give it up for Arlington, right? Crazy stuff happening over there.” More from today’s Going Out Gurus chat (near the bottom).

Pentagon Security Heightened — The Pentagon police agency will step up its screening of visitors and will conduct more random checks of employees, according to the Associated Press. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency will also improve communication protocols at its command center. The new security measures follow last month’s shooting outside the Pentagon Metro station.

Arlington Volunteer Blog Launched — The Community Volunteer Network has launched a new blog. CVN is a social network that brings 20- and 30-somethings together through community service in Arlington.

Bike Show Planned for April 8 — Not-for-profit bike shop Phoenix Bikes is holding a bike show one week from today in Ballston. The third-annual show will feature an art show, a silent auction, a raffle for free bikes donated by local shops, food, and speeches by local movers and shakers in the bike world. More from People-Powered Arlington.

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Last year Rosslyn held an “I [Heart] the 80s” outdoor film festival. This spring and summer the weekly film fest is back with a fimiliar theme: “I [Heart] the 90s.”

An unsustainable trend, perhaps, but the decade genre promises to bring some great late 20th century movies to Rosslyn’s Gateway Park (1300 Lee Highway), including Clueless, Wayne’s World, Airheads and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

Some generation-defining classics conspicuously missing from the line-up include Reality Bites, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, PCU, Forrest Gump and Clerks (feel free to add your favorite — there are many to choose from — in the comments).

The movies will be screened at Gateway Park after sundown every Friday from April 30 to September 3, rain or shine. There will also be pre-show 90s-themed games and prizes.

Bring low chairs and picnic gear, organizers say, but leave the booze at home, per local law.

The full schedule, after the jump.


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Update at 3:15 p.m. — On our Facebook page, Robert Cannon responds with another possible move: “Richmond announces its planning to relocate Arlington to the Soviet Union..”

It’s looking like a bleak day for south Arlington. First, Greater Greater Washington revealed that the 14th Street Bridge may be closed on nights and weekends to help plug the District’s budget gap. Now, in a press release, the Army said it’s looking to relocate the Pentagon to northwest Kansas.

The move, which is tentatively being planned for this August, will be one of the greatest undertakings ever attempted, according to the Wilbur Q. Johnson, who is a long-time Pentagon employee and who will also oversee the move.

“The move will take place in three primary phases,” said Johnson. “Initially we will use a giant crane to lift the building onto a barge in the Potomac River. From there we will float the barge down the Atlantic Coast and into the Gulf of Mexico. Then, we will sail the Pentagon up the Mississippi River to just south of St. Louis. In the final stage, we will place the building on large flat-bed trucks and drive it the rest of the way.”

It’s a lighthearted joke, of course, but it can also be described as a bit of dark, self-deprecating humor, considering arduous BRAC transition process the military is currently going through.

The transition has major implications for Arlington, as we described last week.

Although the military says they’re on track to relocate BRAC-affected facilities by the September 2011 deadline, we’ve heard from county leaders that the military is having trouble convincing skilled workers to move from Arlington to the far-flung military bases where many agencies are being relocated. The end result may be a major military brain drain over the next few years, we’re told.

That’s not a very funny thought, but we give the Army credit for trying to find humor in it.

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Columbia Pike’s 200th anniversary is less than two weeks away, and Pike leaders are planning a birthday bash to mark the occasion.

The Columbia Turnpike Company, which built the Pike, was chartered by congress on April 12, 1810, when Arlington was still part of the District of Columbia. The Pike has since been a thoroughfare for soldiers during the Civil War, the site of a freedman’s village, and a location for a World War II prisoner-of-war camp (some of the German soldiers held there helped to repave the Pike at one point).

On Monday, April 12, between 6:00 and 8:30 p.m., the Pike will celebrate its history at the Salsa Room (2619 Columbia Pike). The free event, which is open to the public (RSVP here), will feature speakers, a birthday cake and a cash bar. Speakers include Arlington historian Sara Collins, county board vice-chairman Chris Zimmerman, and Dr. Talmadge Williams of the Black Heritage Museum of Arlington.

“It’s an exciting time,” says Pamela Holcomb, managing director for the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization. “People who are living here might not realize just how rich the Pike’s history is.”

There will be other bicentennial events throughout the year, Holcomb said. Also expect to see “Pike 200” banners popping up on street lights along the Pike soon.

Photo courtesy of CPRO.


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