Arlington, VA

A bike and pedestrian pathway between the Mt. Vernon Trail and Columbia Island Marina/Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Grove is now open.

The pathway opened less than two weeks ago. It runs under the new Boundary Channel Humpback Bridge, which carries traffic from the GW Parkway and the Mt. Vernon Trail.

In addition to making Columbia Island safely accessible via the Mt. Vernon Trail, the new underpass allows easier access to the Pentagon’s North Parking Lot. The lot is connected to the LBJ Memorial Grove by an existing wooden pedestrian bridge.

Below are a few photos of the grove and the marina.

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  1. What a beautiful place to be mugged.

  2. LOL.

    But no stop signs to run.

  3. Curious, does this permit better bicycle and pedestrian access to the 14th Street bridge from the Columbia Pike corridor? If so, how?

  4. Hikin' the Pike

    Couple ways I’ve found (granted I jog and not bike, so no warranties expressed or implied):

    (1) Follow the 16G bus route (down pike, right on Joyce) then make your way to Crystal City and on to the Mt. Vernon Trail

    (2) Head to the Pentagon, follow 27 North, follow Pentagon North parking exit; go left to the LBJ Park parking, across the wooden bridge (there is a ramp), turn right through the path, to the end of the lot, under the bridge and there is the trail to the 14th street bridge.

    Others, kindly tell me better ways.

  5. Hikin’ the Pike outlines the existing options, and the long-term project/hope is to create a path along the edge of the 395 wall that would connect to North Boundary Dr. (from which you can do the usual tic-tac through the Pentagon parking lots to connect to Columbia Pike on the other side).

  6. awesome.
    but i hope the people who hang and do-what-they-do stay in the parking lot and don’t hang and do-what-they-do in the tunnel.
    that would suck. literally.

  7. I don’t see why the police tolerate this filth.

  8. Oh, come now…. you didn’t mind it when the police let us off with just a warning last weekend.

  9. The first and last time some guy there approached me, he got a u-lock smashed into his face.

  10. Why don’t you just throw your cocktail in their faces for being fresh?

  11. If all a guy did is approach you and verbally suggest something without touching you, you committed felony assault. Most people wouldn’t be proud of that.

    But hiding behind your computer, you can be anything you want I guess.

  12. The freak held an open vial of god knows what under my face. He got what was coming to him.

  13. I still call total BS on this. Now you’re just making things up to defend your violent tendencies.

  14. This comment has been edited. Please refrain from personal attacks.

  15. So NauckNeighbor posted a comment here protesting the removal of his/her comment and you remove that comment too?

  16. Yes, calling someone a bigot by name is a personal attack.

  17. But if someone is expressing bigoted views, why shouldn’t someone be called on that?

  18. Calling one another names does not contribute to the discussion. Neither does using vulgar or offensive language.

    We’ve had to remove several posts from this discussion. It’s sad to see otherwise benign articles transformed into irrelevant shout-fests. It’s also disappointing to be called a “bigot” or a “Nazi” for trying to prevent the discussion from going further off-track.

  19. Huh. So (as you know) TGEOA has a history of making bigoted statements on ARLnow, but we can’t refer to that fact? That’s a bit disappointing.

  20. Then why not remove the comments that caused this to go off track? Look who started the nastiness – it’s usually TGEoA spewing bile all over these comment boards. But you let those go on unabated.

  21. As stated before, we’ve had to remove a number of comments in this discussion. We certainly do not let anything go on “unabated.”

  22. agreed. that and iwo jima. a year or so ago someone was advertising on craigslist for action in the Clay School park in Clarendon. i don’t get the thrill or risk, personally.
    of course if a cop does come up to you it is important to figure out if it is a good thing or a bad thing — because it isn’t always clear. or so I have heard.

  23. Wondered where you were Sunday night Charles? I’ll keep my eye out for you. Let’s break the tunnel of love in properly!

  24. how many times do i have to tell you that only in the park do you call me “charles”. ok. elsewhere it is charlie. no initiation for you.

  25. Hikin' the Pike

    You mean all those times the past 3 months that I went under there while dodging construction equipment was wrong? Oops; maybe they should have had a sign up.

    Thanks for letting us know that its actually open in a safe manner.

  26. Is the bridge connecting the parking lot and the grove open? I know it was closed for some period of time after 9/11 and I haven’t gone that way in years.

  27. It is open.

  28. Thanks. Now I can run that direction and avoid those horrible road crossings near the traffic circle near the cemetary.

  29. You won’t have to play frogger trying to cross the Parkway from Mt Vernon Trail to the Pentagon. This is a big safety improvement for Pentagon bike commuters.

  30. That tunnel looks awfully small…

  31. tre: i didn’t take you for a size queen, but okay.

  32. I attempted to alter the photo and enlarge the bicyclist so it looked like he was going to hit his head…. but at least we know where your head is at!!!

  33. The comments are being closed due to repeated violations of our comment policy.


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