Video: Bystanders Walk Past Accident Victim While Getting on the Bus

by ARLnow.com July 16, 2012 at 9:10 pm 30,809 137 Comments

The Arlington County Police Department has released video tonight from a Metro bus that stopped at the scene of fatal pedestrian accident earlier this month.

The video was taken on the evening of July 1. Just minutes prior to the start of the video, a man had been struck by a car on Columbia Pike near the intersection with Four Mile Run Drive, which was darkened due to power outages in the area following the June 29 derecho.  The video shows the bus pulling up to the scene, which was next to a bus stop. The man’s bloodied body — blurred out by police — is lying on the sidewalk.

With the bus stopped, passengers file past the man’s body. Although someone had called 911 — lights from police cars heading to the scene can be seen in the background — not a single person stops to check on the man, who was either dead or dying. A woman carrying shopping bags walks right by, without hesitation. One man crosses himself after getting on the bus.

Police say they released the video in a “good faith effort” to get witnesses to the accident to step forward. Detectives are not looking to charge anybody in the video with any wrongdoing — they just want them to “come forward and say ‘this is what happened, this is what we saw,'” according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

“The intent is solely to get these witnesses to… assist police in the reconstruction of what happened that night,” Sternbeck said. “The intent is not to say these individuals are accountable for anything.”

Sternbeck noted that the driver of the striking vehicle “has been very cooperative,” but the case is still open. Charges could still be filed if the driver is thought to be at fault.

The victim of the accident has been identified by police as 35-year-old Edgar Francisco Aguilar of Arlington. He was pronounced dead on scene, according to Sternbeck.

Any witnesses are asked to contact Det. Icolari at 703-228-4240.

  • Rick

    I’d like to be surprised by this, but there just aren’t that many decent people left around here. I hope at least one of them comes forward.

    • Johnny

      No way, you get involved and someone sues you. That also is sad but true. And the police or the County don’t try to protect you from being sued… there’s nothing but grief for a Good Samaritan.

      • David

        Actually, if the person was unconscious the Good Samaritan laws has implied consent protecting you.

      • Cakes

        Your analysis of the law in this regard is incomplete and flawed.

        • dirty biker

          It might be incomplete but not necessarily flawed:

          VA 8.01-225
          A. Any person who:

          “1. In good faith, renders emergency care or assistance, without compensation, to any ill or injured person at the scene
          of an accident, fire, or any life-threatening emergency, or en route therefrom to any hospital, medical clinic or doctor’s
          office, shall not be liable for any civil damages for acts or omissions resulting from the rendering of such care or

          • Cakes

            He’s wrong precisely because of this.

          • dirty biker

            O….K…. expand please?

          • MO

            Well your analysis is just incomplete.

    • Really? there were people there hovering and the police were nearby. Gawking at the scene would have done nothing but create more confusion. Usually, if one did not witness the incident you are just an onlooker and deter from the job at hand.
      If he was just hit and the people walked by nonchalantly like the woman then I can see your point.

      • CMG

        What they wanted was for someone to start first response/first aid. It would have been appropriate for any person there to check a pulse, check for breathing, see if the airway is obstructed, do chest compressions, etc. etc. etc. These small things can save a life but only if someone stops to help!

        • NPGMBR

          How often does anyone in any part of this Country, stop to check to see if a homeless person that appears to be sleeping is dead or not?

          • Bingo

            Exactly. Everyone likes to think they’d do something different, but studies show time and again that most people either do nothing or don’t even notice.

            And to be fair, that includes me.

          • NPGMBR

            I don’t think that most people are inherently uncaring but if you pay close attention to the video the lights from the bus clearly provide a lot of lighting for the area indicating that it must be fairly dark.

            If that is in-fact the case, could any of these passersby tell that the man was bleeding? In addition, you can also clearly see flashing blue lights behind the bus.

            How is it that ACPD could be on the scene of a collision between a car and a pedestrian and not be attending to the needs of the injured person? Did the driver not say they he/she hit someone? Did the officer not know he/she should be looking for an injured person in the area?

            There are too many unanswered questiosns to just throw blame at the community.

        • In the age of HIV

          His body was bloodied. Not gonna happen.

    • SC

      I am so sorry this happened. Unfortunately we live in an uncaring society. Had I been there, I would have stopped to help in any way I could. Even if it had just been to hold his hand.

  • Kara

    Wow. People make me so sick.

  • HayDiosMio

    Ok i’m a big fan of the PD, and always defend them. But this one i’m a bit baffled.

    This was not a hit and run, 911 had been called, and police were clearly almost there. i’m no medic nor have a clue what to begin to do. so aside from standing beside him crying, what would you expect me to do to satisfy the need to look like I “care”. No audio, maybe the lady that hit him was right out of frame saying “ambulance is coming”.

    Those same witnesses may have also witnessed people already calling 911. The bus arrived, they have nothing good to give to the situation. So as I say “lead, follow or get the F out of the way”. that’s what the riders and the lady seem to be doing.

    I think this article is a bit harsh on the witnesses. I find it hard to think one of them will come forward even though you say they are not being investigated, they are being judged from a freaking little camera with poor angles, no audio and 50 secs of footage.

    • Al

      I agree 100%. What can you do?

      It’s hard to get the full context from this bus cam. How long after the accident was this? Several of the passengers on the bus appeared to express concern to the driver, who, presumably, continued to take on more passengers and collect fares. Why?

      I think we like to think we’d react a certain way during a crisis, but I’m not sure anyone can be sure of anything in the heat of the moment.

      RIP to the victim!

      • Tabby_TwoTone

        And condolences to the family and friends of Edgar Francisco Aguilar.

    • bobco85

      I absolutely agree. This article is distorting the reality of the situation by focusing on the fact that in this particular 30 second span (there’s overlap between the footage of the two cameras), there were no people standing around the victim. Also, since the police were just arriving on the scene, people know better than to get in their way or to appear like they’re manipulating anything on/around the victim (lest they be deemed a suspect).

      The sad thing I see in the video is that no one was there to comfort the man as he died. I think that’s what everyone is reacting to, because no one wants to die alone/forgotten/ignored like the footage could be interpreted as showing.

      • CB

        You’re a good man.

      • WeiQiang

        /\ THIS /\

    • bman

      in other countries, people take cellphone videos of the person hit and upload it to thenyc or other gruesome websites showing your last breaths

    • VaGurl

      i think the police do a poor job of explaining what they want. i think they are assuming that people getting on the bus were around before the bus got there, hence might have seen who hit the dude and can help them find the guy who hit him. i dont think its about shaming people that they didnt help. this is about finding potential witnesses.

      thats my 2 cents…

      • SomeGuy

        My concern is that valuable portions of ArlNow’s reporting aren’t expressed in ACPD’s own press release, e.g. the specificity about not trying to implicate witnesses.


        I see this often here. It makes me curious to understand the relationship between ArlNow and ACPD/Sternbeck, and why the police can’t publish detailed information on their own instead of spoon feeding it to a 3rd party for-profit blogger.

        Maybe my perception is incorrect though.

    • billydevo

      How was it not a hit and run just because the police were on the way.Somebody hit him and took off anybody could have called 911.Even if it was the driver he still left

      • Carmen

        It is not a hit and run because the driver stayed on the scene and has been cooperative.

  • JimPB

    There is a good amount of relevant research: See the Wikipedia piece, “Bystander effect,” at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bystander_effect. In sum, the larger the number of bystanders, the less likely any one of them will take action.

    Think what that video shows is troubling. Consider the report below.

    Cops: Tape Shows at Least 10 Witnesses Ignoring Minnesota Woman’s Cries for Help During Sexual Assault
    Published August 24, 2007
    Associated Press
    A security video from an apartment hallway shows at least 10 witnesses ignored a woman’s cries for help for more than an hour as a man beat and sexually assaulted her, prosecutors in Minnesota said.
    The surveillance video clearly showed men and women looking out their apartment doors or starting to walk down the hallway before retreating as the woman was assaulted for nearly 90 minutes, police spokesman Tom Walsh said.
    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,294352,00.html#ixzz20q3YvZHF

    • VaGurl

      i just got flashbacks from my psychology days of the stories of kitty genovese….

  • E-love

    This……is not shocking.

  • Sikudhani

    I don’t quite understand…
    The article referenced by this one states that the driver who struck the man remained on the scene and was “very cooperative”… The lights were out due to the derecho…
    People boarding the bus seem aware and concerned…

    So what’s the story here?

    • Al

      I think the story is that the Arlington PD is trying to “embarrass” bystanders in the hopes that someone will come forward with more information about exactly what happened, perhaps to corroborate the story of the driver.

    • brian

      they probably want to know about the accident in more detail…from someone other than the driver

  • I agree with the prior comments. It’s impossible to imagine what these people were thinking. Some look quite young and people do get scared. It’s not necessarily that they don’t care – it’s just a horrible sight and people react differently in these situations.

    Why does the police need to know anymore? They know he was hit and the driver did not run. What more do they need?

    I think it’s an unfortunately accident that affected lots of people.

    • Rick

      I think when someone dies you want more than one set of eyes to confirm what happened.

  • HayDiosMio

    This is NOT the polices fault. ARLNOW decided to sensationalize the entire thing. This article can simply be written as a call to witnesses to come forward. PERIOD. no additional commentary.

    You have F&#^ this up for the police and I’d be SHOCKED if they don’t blast you out personally tomorrow as this CLEARLY was not their intent.

    APOLOGIZE ARLNOW. I’ve defended you plenty of times, NOW you really crossed the line.

    • JohnB2

      I saw it on the evening news presented the same way. They’re not the only ones “sensationalizing” it.

      • HayDiosMio

        I see what you are saying. So they should ALL apologize.

        Or maybe this is ACPD fault and they made the media paint it that way.. I don’t know. I won’t assume. Bottom line, these witnesses did not need to be attacked like this. This is not the same as we’ve seen in other major cities, but boy if we can sell it that way it will be great for our advertisers.

        I got a feeling someone will come forward with a public rant either towards the media or ACPD. Lack of professionalism.

        Now the regular media, we’re used to this, ARLNOW? man, you really want to go there and make your money huh? F all that bs of being fair and reporting facts, that crap don’t pay.

        • bystander

          public rant toward the ACPD —– you got a feeling? you have already done it.

    • bystander

      omg haydiosmio, what it must take to shock YOU!!!!

      please, call it out for the “pura pendejada” it must be.

      • HayDiosMio

        Yep, i save it for the important stuff..

        you sit out for this one papi, this is for the grown ups, tomorrow you can have a chance to be all “OMG” because the county chopped down a tree.

        we got this one.

        • bystander


          newsflash, spanglish troll: no one cares about your opinion. You killed any interest with your previous frivolous posts,

          • HayDiosMio

            go pet your puppet…

          • bystander

            naw, I’ll let you pet my puppet, dude.

          • Grindr

            Your puppet is 82 feet away.

          • bman

            was it the last bus of the day?

  • JimPB

    ARLNow.Com was cooperating with and responsibly assisting the ACPD in the PD’s effort to get witnesses to come forward. From the ARLNow.piece above:

    Police say they released the video in a “good faith effort” to get witnesses to the accident to step forward. Detectives are not looking to charge anybody in the video with any wrongdoing — they just want them to “come forward and say ‘this is what happened, this is what we saw,’” according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.
    “The intent is solely to get these witnesses to… assist police in the `reconstruction of what happened that night,” Sternbeck said. “The intent is not to say these individuals are accountable for anything.”

    • Al

      I don’t think anybody has a problem with what you’ve quoted–it’s all the ridiculous speculation and accusations about what we’re seeing in the actual video itself.

    • CW

      While I’m obviously fueling the fire by casting in my lot here, if ARLnow could do it all over again and really wanted to help the police, they’d have posted the video with no commenting allowed.

      Because, you know what? The same human nature that keeps bystanders from jumping in and helping is gonna keep any witnesses that might see this from going to ACPD after they finish reading all the comments about how horrible they were for not staying on the scene in the first place.

  • Al

    Looking at the video again, the woman with the “shopping bags” may have indeed been carrying a handbag (aka PURSE) and been walking towards the police to advise them. (The police look like the pulled up behind the bus.) Why would ARLNOW choose to throw these sorts of accusations around?

    • Swag


      • Scott

        yup– they gotta keep the lights on

  • Just Me

    What were they supposed to do?

  • dee

    First Arlnow post a pic of a woman moving to fairlingtn..with the largest breats in the world…… and now this….Agree ….sensational news seems to be the MO now. Arlnow is the local TMZ. Cheap. I will now stop following them on. Would rather follow Arlington Police Dept.

    • bystander

      yup, you got it.

  • Buckingham Bandit

    Funny..after the Sandusky scandal broke, the airwaves were filled with talking heads and comment sections were filled with remarks about how had they had been in McQueary [the grad assistant]’s position, they would have stopped/beaten up/killed Sandusky.

    Videos like this are far far more likely what any of us will do in any situation when our help is truly needed. When push comes to shove, this is how we will react. Remember that when you cast stones.

    • Buckingham Bandit

      My point being, that given a far simpler scenario (simply calling 911 and even just walking away), people still didn’t get it right. It’s not a Penn State/Paterno/whatever thing. It’s a pattern in human nature that is well-documented. Be aware, and be wary.

      • Al

        How do you know they didn’t get it right? The phone service was really crappy after that storm–not to mention the 911 system malfunctioning. People outside the view of the camera were probably calling 911 like crazy! Also, the power was out, a lot of people’s cell phone batteries were dead by then. I know mine was.

        And exactly what sort of “help” is needed in this situation? If you don’t have medical training, what exactly can you do other than gawk at a dead man?

        • Buckingham Bandit

          So you’re saying it’s OK to not make an extra effort to help someone in need. Hope it’s not my kid who is injured and helpless when you walk by.

          • AL

            In a matter of life and death, it is not effort that matters. It is results. If all you can do is stand and gawk and make an
            “extra effort”, you’re hurting, not helping.

  • Seeing it like it is

    After viewing the videos, nobody seems equipped or capable of doing anything for the man except to dial 911. As for the police, I love ACPD, but the squad cars don’t carry any emergency gear…not even a band-aid. So even after they arrived I am sure little was done until the ACFD arrived.
    This was a very unfortunate accident which happened during a crisis in the county.

    • Whatever

      In the article yesterday about the stabbing, it says ACPD medically treated the victim until ACFD arrived. They do have some medical supplies and training, but they are not cross-trained like some California agencies. Nor are they supposed to be. Their job is to solve crimes. And they do this with the assistance of the publicc since they cannot be everywhere all the time. They are simply asking all these people that jumped on this bus to call and tell them what they saw. The victm died, and the driver has given one version. Maybe some of these people, who have a duty to report what they witnessed, can fill in some holes in the investigation. The driver stayed, so no hit and run, but there can still be charges. They need these people to say what they saw.

  • Elmer

    Another step in Arlington’s progressive transition to the Big City Phase, including commentators who’ll twist themselves into a pretzel to avoid any sense of community shame and sensitivity for the self-centered ignoring the dying of another human right in front of them.
    After all, we’ve got a bus to catch.

    • Robert A Buoy

      Pedestrians / transit riders oblivious to their surroundings? How very predictable.

      • confused

        yes somehow it was a car that killed the person.

  • UA

    Illegals never wait around for the cops to arrive.

  • George

    Sounds like season finale to Seinfield, Cant people be charged?

    • Ballstonian

      Charged with what? There’s no duty to help strangers, particularly ones who are already or nearly dead.

  • Scott

    This would’ve played out differently in North Arlington. Just sayin’. People would be more helpful.

    • Dum Dum Guy at the Gates of Dawn

      In Donaldson Run we would have built a box around him so we would not have to look at him and spoil our otherwise pleasant and rain-free day. So unsightly……

    • novasteve

      Are you sure? When was in college, in a very well off, liberal area, a car wasn’t paying attention, ran me over, and drove off, but in slow motion, like they didn’t even notice someone was on their hood and then fell off their hood. Absolutely nobody stopped to see if I was okay, other than one guy on the basketball who took the time to laugh at me.. I was unhurt fortunately.

    • CW

      Poor guy woulda been covered in teacup poodle waste, starbucks, and stroller wheel tracks.

    • Earth Mover

      Scott, that’s sweet. Too bad he didnt get hit by a bus there, you could have come down from your moral high ground to help him.

      • CW

        He’s clearly being sarcastic. People in North Arlington are completely self-centered. It is extremely rare that I have a positive interaction with a stranger here.

    • Bon Air

      Some ‘Clarendon bro’ would have been drunkenly eating a slice of pizza and tripped over him, spilling garlic all over his poor head.

  • Bon Air

    Did some of them think he was drunk and passed out? Did they just see him get hit? Was an ambulance just out of sight?

    It is hard to get context from this 30 second video

    • drax

      Yes, it’s quite possible that some people thought he was just drunk. It wouldn’t be the first drunk to lie around in that area.

      • Bender

        I don’t know what these people were thinking. I don’t know that they knew that he had been hit by a car.

        I do know that if you go to that particular area right now, or any time of any day, you will quite possibly see one or two men lying on the ground sleeping, and several others standing around, some if not all of them drunk. A person would be well-advised to NOT disturb them.

        Did these people assume that he was one of them? Was he one of them before he was hit?

        Maybe, maybe not. But a guy lying on the ground in that area might mean a lot of things — it does not necessarily mean that he is ill or injured.

  • Just the Facts

    I have no problem with ACPD releasing this if they feel they need to hear from additional witnesses to fully investigate a fatal accident. I also have no problem with ARLnow publishing the story or with the way it is written/presented.

    However, I find nothing shocking on the video. At least one bus passenger appears to be reporting the situation to the driver. Once that’s done, why would the others repeat the same information? Also, with police lights clearly visible in the background, what more is there for passersby to do?

    This is in no way a Kitty Genovese (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Kitty_Genovese) situation where witnesses see/hear a victim’s call for help as an assault or accident is happening and refuse to help or call for help. The deed was done. Calling emergency services (which clearly already had been done) was the only move.

    Condolences to the deceased and his family.

    • VaGurl


  • confused

    This would have gone differently if there were street cars on the Pike.

    • Bob

      So .. you are saying it would be better or worse to be run over by a street car?

  • D Stevens

    Since there are so many people laying around on the streets in Washington and surrounding suburbs, maybe they thought this was yet another homeless person just taking a nap?

    Until the streets are cleaned up, that’s probably what many thought….just thinking.

    • Police said there was blood around the man. Also, at least one of his shoes was in the street. So it seems unlikely that they thought he was just napping face down on the sidewalk.

      • Elmer

        No matter how ghastly the sight, some people will not be moved out of their insular comfort zone to render aid or comfort and their enablers will always find excuses for such amoral behavior.

        • Charles

          And if the man was obviously dead what were by-standers supposed to do? Why is the picture blurred? Is there brain matter or injuries so horrific that is is easily assumable that the man did not survive? I would be concerned about disturbing the scene if he was already dead. I would walk WAY around or avoid the area completely. I certainly wouldn’t touch him or loiter there if I had no aid or information to offer. What is amoral about that?

          • Elmer

            IF he was dead, in the old days one would lightly cover the body-or at least the face-out of respect for the dignity of the deceased and the family.
            Much, too much, to expect such a simple act of kindness from this self-absorbed population. What a pity.

          • Elmer

            I add the obvious that one should also stay with the deceased until the proper authorities arrive. I submit that this and the simple act of showing respect for the deceased as described above is far better than ignoring the death of another human being by walking over or around the corpse and proceeding on as he/she were a wadded stick of gum or dog poop on the sidewalk.

          • CW

            In the modern days, that is called “tampering with evidence”.

          • Elmer

            CW : Wrong. What you cite requires criminal intent.
            You won’t find that in the merciful act I described.

  • E2DAV

    I remember Michael Moore’s TV Nation short lived series where he sent a person to just lay down in the streets of NYC to see if anyone would help them out. It basically yielded the same result.

    However, I saw two people sleeping on the sidewalk in DC this morning on my walk to work. And, I see that happen usually three times a week. Could it be that these people and humanity are not a**holes, but really have been so desensitized to our surroundings that we think person on the street = homeless person passed out?

    I really dislike all the sanctimonious comments posted in hindsight assuming that people knew a person was physically harmed and they just stood there. I have seen many good Samaritan acts recently including men chasing down a purse-snatcher, and yesterday helping a homeless person in physical disarray crossing the street.

  • Crystal M.

    What else could anyone have done? No one would have been able to touch the victim, nor should they have in case his neck or back were broken. Walking up to him to see if he was “alright” would not have done anything. There were already people on the scene and the police were on the way, anyone else getting involved would have been in the way.

    If everyone who “passed by” stopped there would have been a crowd of gawkers, which I think is more horrendous than people just being unsure of how they might be able to help.

    • Id

      It is the lack of empathy which is the scary part not the lack of physical action. Welcome to a Brave New World. Wait until Soylent Green is people.

      • Charles

        Are you psychic that you can tell emotions from a video? One man on the bus did the sign of the cross, offering a prayer perhaps. Others seemed visibly upset/concerned. Did you expect them to tear their clothes and wail on the sidewalk?
        I think it is terribly unfair to assume what they were thinking or feeling.

      • BillClinton

        Too bad I was not there. I would have felt his pain.

  • Justin

    This is Dominion’s fault, not anyone else’s.

    • Pup

      I’ll raise you and blame God – for sending the “Derecho”. (AKA thunderstorm). There, now nobody has to feel responsible for their own actions (or lack thereof).

  • novasteve

    I’m sure you all have taken sex ed and been taught about HIV transmission and especially in a first aid course. Do you think people walk around with rubber gloves and the mouth blockade to provide CPR?

  • Diane

    And we wonder why the world is the way it is. That man could’ve been your father, your brother, your son, your cousin. He was a human being in a clearly critical situation. What could possibly be wrong with stopping whatever your were in the midst of to simply stand by him and at least offer some words to him.
    It says something about our world in general that the first thing we think of is that we could be sued or held liable. I understand full well about getting out of the way of police and medical personnel to let them do their job. But seriously folks, just walking by is just plain wrong.

    • novasteve

      YOu think this is new? Have you ever read about WW2? Millions and millions of people were killed. Before that, lots were killed, ie Stalin’s planned famine in the Ukraine, etc…

  • John Svengali


  • Pup

    Well nobody is going to be foolish enough to come forward as a “witness” now, especially since most/many of those people are probably in the country illegally.

    It is sad that people have been so conditioned by their government and the media to place so little value on human life as to walk right past a dying man without even the kindness/humanity to attempt to aid him. That is what is shocking and shameful. But perhaps that is just the people of Arlington, VA for you. Self-absorbed, arrogant, shallow, white people and indifferent, clueless hispanics – and almost everyone marxist.

    I wonder if a dog had been hit by a car if people would be more concerned? Shameful.

  • Dave Smith

    I used to live in that area and now it’s
    gone down the tubes. Not unusual to
    see drunks passed out on the sidewalk.

    • novasteve

      You can go to Tokyo and see that too.

    • Westover

      Even though your name is pretty common, I’ll ask. Did you used to play in a punk band around here?

  • Susan

    No one knew the man had been hit by a car. He could have collapsed from a contagious disease; been shot by a sniper, that was still around; been beaten up by thugs that were still in the area, had AIDS. They heard the police sirens and knew help was on the way. NEVER touch blood is what I’ve been taught. Other than getting on their bus the only alternative was to hang around and disturb what may have been a crime scene. My only act would have been to make sure help was on the way, and that was happening. Other than that, nothing could be done by a non-medical person. Being compassionate is not endangering your own life when it’s unnecessary and risking your health.

  • Justin

    Drone attack was another possibility. The US now bombs people who attend to drone attack victims, including American citizens, so anyone who had stopped to help him would have been at risk for a secondary attack.

  • Frank

    Only the people that walked past know what were on their minds when they walked pass and karma has a way of coming back at you.

  • Jun

    No one helps because stupid cops and lawyers come after you if something happens to the victim and blame you! Lawyers have ruined a lot in this country. Unnecessary litigation and regulation. You can’t say this to your kids or that, you can’t point out things verbally about someone without being sued for slander or some other garbage and then you help a dying victim and then the family comes back and says if it wasn’t because of you that person may have lived!! Cops are no better! They are now just fundraisers for the state. Writing $200 traffic tickets to people going 4mph over the speed limit while people are selling drugs, murdering, stealing and doing hit and runs!! Worthless occupation!!

  • mac

    Also known as “The Base”

    you’ll figure it out…

  • Occipiter

    I’m curious about how the video was taken – it’s very steady and catches everything.

    I think all the hyperventilating about people lack of concern is a bit overblown – the guys getting on the bus were looking as someone outside was checking on the body. The blonde woman walking by probably heard the sirens and knew she would have just been in the way.

    As for the DrudgeDittoBagger vermin flooding the comments stream, you’re so predictable.

  • Kathy Wilson

    Jesus, why do deer, dogs and cats have a better chance then our fellow man of getting a good Samaritan to help us.
    We have been conditioned to conflict and loathe our brothers and sisters. Through TV, and movies. We are create in the image of God, and man is to rule and come before the animals folks.
    Sickened, I carry extra water and blood pressure cuff, a wrist-cuff with me. A elder in my neighborhood was having some issues hitting all the cars in the lot.He was diabetic, I was the only one to intervene. Guess I need a t shirt free iphone if you save my life.

    • Charles

      Did you get the part where the man was DEAD? Perhaps that was obvious to those by-standers. Don’t be all high and mighty because not even you could have saved him. And really, don’t you carry an epi pen or tourniquet or defibrillator with you? What about compression bandages, ice or snake bite kit. Maybe you should get trained as a paramedic or go to medical school, you could help a lot more people that way.

  • Kathy Wilson

    I am my brothers keeper.

  • weimardog

    The victim had probably already been stripped of all valuables, so there was so reason for the vultures to stop.

  • btruth

    What would you expect from a Godless, apathetic, selfish world full of zombie sheeple. No love except for love of STUFF & themselves.

  • Twiller

    I did notice that there was some sort of emergency vehicle just behind the bus – you can see the headlight wigwags and blue flashing lights. Perhaps people didn’t get involved because they thought help was already there or that it was a crime scene.

  • always right

    All the Arlington “do gooders” who walked pass this person is just as guilty as the sexual assaults on women! Who are the speakers lined up for being a neighbor?

  • Evrzde

    To Buckingham Bandit
    I agree with you!!!
    How does he expect results if you refuse to put forth effort?
    I did see one guy (seems like Eritrean,Ethiopian or Hispanic)
    boarding the bus reluctantly, even after getting on he hesitated, looked back and made the sign of the cross. I suppose there is a lots left off this clip, but people are making such terrible comments. In north arlington, whites would have helped whites but Becky walks by carelessly. Many of you should return to your native New York….land of the ruthless, unconcerned two legged animals. It is so sad to me and I no longer live in racists arlington…Where is the ambulance ? My heart goes out to his family.

  • betabox

    I would have just assumed he was drunk and passed out. I see that often at bus stops.

  • The irony is this article that’s spun to highlight the callousness of innocent bystanders only serves to highlight the callousness of news reporters, and shame on all of you who are buying into it.

    You cannot presume to know the context of the individual reactions based on a few fixed camera shots. For all you know, that guy standing at the beginning of the video was telling people to steer clear, as the police were on their way. And the police know that. What they’re looking for are WITNESSES, not people to blame. But that doesn’t make for a good news story, now does it?

    • Jackfan

      yours is about the only reasonable comment on here. I’ve never seen so many sanctimonious (and apparently omniscient) comments on one web site.

  • Wilson-G.Mason

    This is just so sad. I’m embarassed to be from a community that acts this way. Even if I didn’t know the circumstaces I would call 911 or the police. Why didn’t those people stop and do that?

  • Chouse

    I saw a guy acting like he was dead today around 8 at the courthouse metro steps by cvs. I hope he was ok.

  • alex1138

    Hey ARLNOW, I see the local media has finally picked up this story. Congrats on scooping them…. Again. It’s an important story. It’s good for us all to see this. Just maybe it will have enough of an impact to keep some of your readers from any similar ambivalence in the future.

  • Blinkuldhc

    I am reading a lot of comments defending the pedestrians, saying things like “what’s done is done,” and “what else could they have done?” and “how do we know what they were thinking?”

    Here’s some food for thought:

    What if it were the corpse of a 10-year old girl? Theoretically (and in actuality), she’d be just as dead — hopelessly dead — and unsalvageable as the dead 35-year old man. I hardly think that not a single person would stop to attend to the girl, or corpse.

  • Peta-Marie McLeod

    I read the comments and it seems that people are trying to justify this absolutely inhumane behaviour. Shame on everyone who walked by, if you dont know first aid (time you went and learnt it by the way) you could have provided a soothing voice, placed your hand over his, comforted him in what were to be his final moments, surely one of those people knew to at least try to maintain his airway. What if this had been a member your family, how would you feel if they were left alone, ignored and provided no assistance what so ever. I know that if an accident such as this had happened in New Zealand not one single person would have walked past without attempting some form of assistance, Arlington be ashamed, be very very ashamed

    • CW

      Has anyone actually watched the video? Let’s look at these “evil” bystanders:

      1) First people in the video (lady in black shirt and man in greenish logo tee) – way down the sidewalk, lady never comes into the frame again.

      2) Man in white shirt and baseball cap – Stands watching the victim. When the POLICE lights show, he starts motioning to the victim, as if clearly to show the POLICE where the victim is.

      3) The first man, in the logo tee, turns to join the man in the white shirt. We see no more of them, but it appears that they are waiting for the POLICE to arrive.

      3) The man in the red shirt is clearly stunned. He looks around, aghast. He appears to check his pocket, maybe for a phone, then appears to talk to someone out of view. Maybe he is saying “hey, what should we do here??”

      4) Yes, the blonde woman walks by. But she has had clear view of the POLICE lights the whole time.

      The video then cuts to the inside of the bus, apparently a bit of time overlap because you can see the blonde woman go by. By this time, there is a POLICE officer on the scene, you can see his flashlight, and it is clearly an active POLICE investigation. If you have ever been around one of these, the POLICE generally tell you to disperse and not interfere. The people getting on the bus do so, avoiding the investigation.

      So what do all of these people commenting want the bystanders to do? Call the POLICE? Or interfere with an active POLICE investigation?

      The only person who I could say showed true disregard was the blonde woman. BUT – she saw no crime, there was an officer approaching, and it was a

      • CW

        about to become an active crime scene. What was she to do?

        • jjj999

          I saw the video on local news. The guy jaywalked into traffic got struck by a vehicle causing his head to hit curb which most likely kille dhim on impact and his friend was seen next to him in the video and then the police arrive. Im not sure what other details the police want or what anyone around him could have done. Case closed.

  • In all honesty only about 2% of the tike whem EMS is summoned, someone is actually performing emergency care on the patient. its an alarming statistic but its the reality we are faced with. Many folks are infrequent and reluctant responders, many folks are unaware of the laws in place to protect good Samaritans, the majority of average citizens are unprepared to provide care. Even though the risk of transmitting a disease is low standard precautions shiuld be followed. Also many people are just not trained in basic first aid and CPR. The victim may have been able to have been kept alive, no one extended him the opportunity. I provide quality training at reasonable prices. As an EMT i have knowledge and experience in what happens behind the call. My mission is saving lives through education. A few jours of training could save a life, the person in need might not be a complete stranger, but a friend, family member or co worker. Saving a life is easy, let me show you how.

    Safety First Training. serving the DMV.

  • memeis6years

    I agree with the lady that called all those rubberneckers evil. If I was there I would have called the Police everybody in the world has a cellphone. My Mother said he did see a Man cross his heart. This was a dark morning for Arlington, Va the city for WHO, Lovers I don’t think so. What if it was GodI It reads in the Bible,

    Hebrews 13

    Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.

    God Bless Us

  • myfairlady

    I find that people in the states are less compassionate than here in Canada, I helped to save a person wheo was suffering a heart attack, in a mall, I did not know him at all, and I went to the hospital with him, in the ambulance.
    Someone, there instead of loooking at the individual could have gone over to see, what assistance he needed and at least had been by his side until the authorities got there.
    I am sure, if anyone that saw him thought about themselves and put themsevles in “HIS Position”, they would certainly want someone to be there to assist them. Shame on the States!!!!!

    • Elmer

      My Fair Lady, Please, not everyone in “the States” is as you described. Its mostly an urban, big city problem-as it may actually be in Canada as well.
      In the rural areas of our nation (which are dismissed by the sophisticated urbanites as backward and not progressive), human compassion and neighborliness still exists though I don’t know for how much longer. The powers that be are working hard to extingish religion and moral values with their control of the mass media as rapidly as they can.

  • Avocado

    I think the problem is the bus driver — wouldn’t that person have had first response/CPR/first aid training? If they pull up right next to a person laying bloodied on the sidewalk I’d expect them to get out and check on things.. Maybe a person getting on the bus should have alerted the bus driver to the person laying on the ground.

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