Moran’s Son Pleads Guilty to Beating Up Girlfriend

by Katie Pyzyk December 12, 2012 at 2:05 pm 12,441 203 Comments

(Updated at 4:10 p.m.) Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran, has pleaded guilty to assaulting his girlfriend outside a bar in D.C.’s Columbia Heights neighborhood.

The Washington City Paper reports that the incident happened early on the morning of Dec. 1, outside The Getaway at 3400 14th Street NW. Moran was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence. The incident happened a little more than a month following the release of a video showing Moran discussing how to commit voter fraud.

According to the City Paper, a D.C. police report indicates Patrick Moran and his girlfriend were fighting outside the bar when Moran allegedly slammed the woman’s head against the bar’s metal trash can cage. A police report cited by the paper said the woman was “bleeding heavily from her nose” and her “nose and right eye were extremely swollen.”

Moran was charged with felony domestic violence assault, but today he pleaded guilty to the downgraded charge of simple assault, which is a misdemeanor. He has been sentenced to probation.

“Patrick and Kelly are both good kids and I hope their privacy will be respected,” Rep. Moran said in a brief statement. “They look forward to putting this embarrassing situation behind them.”

At 2:30 p.m., Rep. Moran’s office issued a second statement, condemning domestic violence but calling the Dec. 1 incident an “accident.”

The Congressman strongly condemns domestic violence. As was stated in court by both his son Patrick and his girlfriend Kelly, the situation was an accident. They were the only two people involved in the scene. In that sense, their statements are the only ones that matter. They are both very embarrassed by the situation, which involved drinking, and they are looking to move past it, and ask for their privacy to be respected.

Kelly Hofmann, who identifies herself as the victim of the incident, released a statement late this afternoon.

This was an accident that has been blown out of proportion. The statements in the police report are inaccurate. Pat and I were arguing, one of my high heels gave out, and I fell into the side of a trashcan. On impact, I fractured my nose. False conclusions were made as a result. I hope our privacy will be respected.

Kelly Hofmann

A source close to Rep. Moran tells ARLnow.com said that Hofmann did not press charges and testified in Patrick’s defense today, adding that she suffered from no broken bones and is back at work.

Hofmann’s account is contrary to the police report, which states that a Metropolitan Police officer and a D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration agent observed Moran “grab [Hofmann] by the back of her head with his hand and slam her head into the metal trash can cage in front of the nightclub.”

  • Abe Froman

    Over served … thats right, blame the bar(s) and bar tender(s) for Moran’s and his girl friend’s own irresponsibility.

    • barhop

      It’s good publicity for the Getaway though…..proudly overserving since….

      • Jay

        Hey, I work at The Getaway, and they were not at our bar that night. Their argument continued from a neighboring bar. We made this evidence available to all of the lawyers and police.

        • Carl

          Can you tell me which bar they went to?

    • 1RLI

      I thought the exact same thing.

    • Malaka

      Overserved and underdressed always a bad combination.

  • novasteve

    He’s get a great head start on being his father’s replacement. Domestic abuse is an “embarrassing situation” to Jim Moran? Funny how I’ve gotten drunk with girlfriends and managed to never hit, push, etc them let alone not bash her head into a garbage can. But I guess i’m not a “good kid”

  • Mike

    ” two young people who were ‘over-served’ at a D.C. bar.”

    Over-served — that’s right, it must be somebody else’s fault.
    Patrick better watch out – he may have inherited the gene that will have him beating up little kids soon.

    • novasteve

      Why wasn’t he patronizing Nova bars? Why spend the money in DC?

      • NIMBY The Chicken

        It’s the ultimate hipster move… father is Congressman representing Northern Virginia and you go spend your money somewhere else maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

        • JamesE

          I drank in DC before it was cool

      • John

        I live in Clarendon, why would I patronize Ballston? .. …

        • JamesE

          Do you want to hang out with pretentious dbags or dude bros? Make the call!

      • drax

        He should spend the money on treatment.

  • Sister Mary Catherine O’Hanlon

    Although it is horrible, the assault by Moran is a step up from his father’s attack on an 8 year old. At least it was someone his own age. Interesting that these Moran fellows do not start fights with grown men.

    Patrick has a GIRL friend? I am surprised.

    • larry

      classy, ‘sister.’

    • Skeptical

      Actually, Moran Sr. does start fights with grown men — most famously with another Congressman in the house cloakroom, if memory serves me. I will say he must have gone to anger management because whatever else he might have done lately he hasn’t been involved in any known brawls.

      • b

        yeah, if anything that shows Moran’s foresight…. the congressman he allegedly pushed was Duke Cunningham.

        • drax

          Not defending violence in general or Moran. However, I have always thought that if I were ever attacked the way some Republicans in Congress attacked those who dared to dissent about the war in Iraq, I’d challenge them to step outside.

          • MC 703

            It’s un-American to question the president when he’s a Republican.

          • novasteve

            Funny how anti war sentiment stopped after Obama won. Whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan? Especially when Obama stepped up the Afghanistan war?

          • Libbyy

            Dissent is patriotic. Sometimes. And some dissent is more patriotic than other.

          • drax

            The anti-war sentiment stopped when one war ended and the other wound down, steve.

  • Trustee

    Patrick is a “good kid” that likes to beat up his girlfriend. Representative Moran does not represent my values.

    • novasteve

      NAME + (D) = VOTE

      Patrick Moran will be his father’s successor. Jim Moran is practically like the white marion barry. He can say and do anything and keep his job whereas others would be finished.

      • drax

        Steve, your ignorance of politics is huge.

        Yes, Dems dominate his district. But any Dem can challenge him in the Democratic primary. A D next to your name doesn’t do much when your opponent is a D too.

        What is really happening is that he’s getting re-elected over and over because he’s an incumbent, not because he’s a Dem.

        • novasteve

          That’s like saying Marion Barry will lose, or that representative from Harlem. No matter how corrupt he is proven, he keeps on getting elected.

          It’s like why Bloomberg ran as a republican in the NYC mayoral race. Because he would NEVER have gotten the democratic nomination. You have to be a Sharpton or Dinkens type to get that. So you’ll have bleeding heart liberals run for Mayor in NYC but as republicans or independents, because they know they’ll never get the democrat nomination.

          Same thing with jim Moran. That’s his seat for life.

          • drax

            Read what I wrote again, steve. Slowly this time.

          • right as always

            Bravo NovaSteve! You summed it up perfectly. Moran beat up his wife and scolded a little boy for being next to his car just to mention a couple hate episodes and the Ds will keep voting him in since he portrays the same anger they have within them.

          • drax

            “the Ds will keep voting him in since he portrays the same anger they have within them.”

            Sounds to me like you’re the one wtih anger problems.

        • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

          i actually think it’s a lil of both – incumbent and a dem.

          and that comparison as moran to a white barry actually holds water. i’m a pretty big lib & i’m even amazed at people’s devotion to the (D) around here.

          … “devotion to the (D)”…. heh heh heh

          • drax

            In the Democratic primary, you can’t win just because you’re a Dem, because they all are.

            And if you don’t win the primary, you can’t win at all, for any reason.

          • NIMBY The Chicken

            ^^ Write-in?

          • drax

            If you don’t win the Democratic primary you can’t win with a D next to your name, I meant.

        • Loves Moran

          What drax is saying, is that there are no potential candidates who could beat Moran in a primary election. Shallow talent pool, apparently.

          • drax

            More the power of incumbency.

  • CW

    Who is “Kelly”? Bang-up reporting job on this one.

    • Westover

      He quoted the Congressman without identifying the victem by last name. It is not that bad of a job. Seen much worse here.

    • NIMBY The Chicken

      The only time her name was mentioned was a direct quote, perhaps her full name was withheld in this article to protect her (and Patrick’s) best interests?

      • CW

        That’s fine, but the reporter should note when there is some sort of inconsistency or piece of data missing, rather than leave the reader looking for it.

  • Westover

    The fact that the Congressman would publicly defend these actions in any manner is disgusting and shows how out of touch with reality he has become. Hopefully someone legit will challange him in the 2014 Democratic primary and the GOP will put up a moderate candidate too.

    • novasteve

      It’s his job until he decides to retire. There are no consequences for him. He knows he can get away with just about anything. Only Marion Barry is 100% immune from anything, and Jim Moran comes in a close second.

    • drax

      Agree that the actions aren’t defensible (though the girlfriend testified in his defense), but how did the Congressman defend the actions?

      • janedough

        the “daily caller” newspaper said congressman moran (you’re gonna love this) didn’t seem phased (sic) by his son,s behavior

        • drax

          Clearly he needs to set his phaser on stun!

  • Hello Patrick

    I’d like to meet you in person so I can slam your face into a metal trash can cage so you can see how it feels. You are a worthless piece of garbage, I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep if you were hit by a bus today.

    • drax

      What will you tell the victim, who testified in his defense?

      • Jackfan

        Seems to me she’s defending her batterer based on eyewitness reports. So I guess I’d tell the victim that I’m sorry you have such low self esteem and self worth that you feel a need to defend this kind of thing. Sad really.

        • drax

          That makes no sense – basing her testimony on what someone else saw? Why would she do that? And if she did, it wouldn’t be admissible in court anyway.

          I think you would be a bit presumptuous to tell a victim that. Why, because she’s female and weak? You need to disregard the veracity of her testimony because of that?

        • FourEyes

          I agree entirely! This sounds like a classic example of a battered woman defending her abuser. It’s akin to, “He didn’t give me this black eye. I fell down the stairs and into a doorknob.”

          • drax

            It sounds like that to me, too. But I’m uncomfortable just deciding that a woman’s testimony can be dismissed because she’s weak and can’t stand up for herself. It may be more complicated than that, but it’s patronizing.

      • tim37

        Perhaps Dad wrote a check for that testimony

        • drax

          Perhaps aliens implanted a chip in her brain to control her testimony.

  • Cheeseburger in Dystopia

    But Jim Moran loves kittens and spends an inordinate amount of federal money on things we all NEED but could never afford to pay for as a standalone district. Come on, you guys, where’s the love???

  • JamesE

    I know I accidentally slam people’s faces into metal trash cans all the time.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Domestic violence is not hereditary but it seems to run in the Moran family.

  • Chris G.

    “You, alright. I learned it by watching you.”

    • Louise

      ” . . ., Dad!”

  • Louise

    I’d have more respect for the Congressman if he said, “I’m concerned about my son’s judgement of late. He has been irresponsible, reckless, and violent. Our family is looking into rehab facilities and continued counseling for all of us.”

    • Jessie


  • Toss ‘da bums out

    The {bad} apple does not fall far from the tree.

    Regarding Rep. Jim Moran, in 1999 his second wife had to call 911 for emergency help. The Washington Post reported at the time that police investigators took photos of bruises on Mary Moran’s body, and that she called the police because she feared the congressman would become more violent. She did not file criminal charges, but immediately filed for divorce.

    • 1RLI

      Bah. That was an accident, too.

    • KalashniKEV

      She got overserved by Jim’s fist.

      • 1RLI

        He’s a good guy and hope’s you’ll respect his privacy.

  • LegalNerd

    Does the domestic assault charge imply they are living together out of wedlock?

    • Glebe Roader

      “Felony domestic violence may occur between persons who are dating, between parents and children, same-sex partners, and other residents of the same household.”

  • Cheeseburger in Dystopia

    ARLNOW: Get your facts right. She suffered a fractured skull. GF is lying in court to protect a batterer.


    One of the ambulance technicians who transported her to Howard University Hospital told police that Moran appeared to have broken her nose and given her a skull fracture under her right eye.

    • novasteve

      Yet she defended him and didn’t press charges…

    • drax

      Careful, appearing to have a skull fracture isn’t the same as having one.

    • Ambulance Technician

      I’m an ‘ambulance technician’ and have never been able to confirm that someone has a ‘skull fracture’ without X-rays. Unfortunately, my 120-hour EMT certification doesn’t include training in taking or reading x-rays.

      From Wash City Paper:
      “One of the ambulance technicians who transported her to Howard University Hospital told police that Moran appeared to have broken her nose and given her a skull fracture under her right eye.”

  • Gibby

    What a peach….

  • John Fontain

    Beating Women: Nothing more than an embarrassing situation.

  • S. Arlington

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in that family. Daddy Moran has been busted for domestic vilonence too.

  • dr seuss

    Only a politician and criminal apologist could turn the shameful commission of domestic assault into a mere “embarrassing situation.” What a pathetic father he is.

  • MikeinARL

    “At no point did I take this person seriously. He struck me as being unstable and joking, and for only that reason did I humor him.” -Pat Moran

    About Future Pat Moran?

  • JamesE

    I am still slightly more offended by that scarf.

  • Patrick who doesnt beat women

    Good idea to blame the alcohol Kelly. I’m sure this was a one time incident and will never happen again.

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    I’m disgusted that he only got “simple assault”; what about next time, Kelly? When will it be enough–when you lose an eye? Get a fractured skull? Have all your teeth knocked out?

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Oh, excuse me. Cheeseburger has added that he has, in fact, fractured your skull already.

      • JamesE

        I’m still liking Moran saying it was an “accident” Just like a woman “accidentally” falls down the stairs and gets a black eye.

        • drax

          Considering that, according to his statement, the VICTIM said it was an accident….

          • novasteve

            If it were an accident then he wouldn’t have been charged with any crime. I predice you’ll be seeing his girlfriend in an obituary in the not too distant future if she keeps on excusing her abusers.

          • drax

            Why even have a trial, steve, if the police never arrest someone who isn’t guilty?

    • novasteve

      She’s an adult, free to make stupid choices. Very relevant story, fury at some pop star in australia for making comments similar to what you said. Of course he apologized, but regretting and apologizing for making comments like that will actually COST LIVES.


  • Michelle

    Kelly, I’ve been with these type of guys: RUN!!!!!

    • drax

      No kidding. Bash face into can = strike out.

  • Douglas Parker

    Patrick was feeling affectionate and it was simply a case of ‘over-hugging’ Kelly.

  • Rory

    Can they go ahead with charges if the woman doesn’t cooperate? In that case, I would imagine there have to be other witnesses?

  • TomBosley

    Well, at least my Joanie turned out much better.
    She takes after her father – neither one can manage
    a mortgage payment.

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Kindly leave the late Tom Bosley (Mr. C) out of this.

      • formanova


  • NoVapologist

    Character doesn’t matter anymore. So long as a politician shares your ideological bent, he is pretty much free to do as he pleases.

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    JHC on a cracker: this guy gets a misdemeanor, while people with no priors caught with enough pot get felony possession/intent to distribute and spend years in jail?!

    • Able

      Tough to get more when the victim declines to press charges.

  • Meg

    like father, like son

    “In June 1999, Mary Moran (née Craig) called Alexandria Police claiming that her husband had hit her….”

    • novasteve

      The moral of the story is beat women and you’ll get elected to office in nova.

  • Chris Brown

    That a boy Patrick!

  • SusanR

    I am disturbed by Moran Sr’s statement: “Patrick and Kelly are both good kids”–as if this was just a little trouble they got into together, instead of an example of an abuser and a victim. Why mention the girlfriend at all? It’s a way of deflecting blame–both at the victim and the bar. Lame.

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Very creepy that he cited any part of her name.

    • FrenchyB

      Yep, it was incredibly stupid to mention her name.

    • Toss ‘da bums out

      The Rep. Moran statement slyly puts both his son and the victim on the same footing as if they are equally involved. As he says to “respect their privacy” equally, he then calls out the victim by her first name. Sort of a shot across the bow to let her know they can out her even as they pretend to want to respect her privacy. They have no idea what “respect” is all about. Abuse of not just women but of power.

      • Road Diet


      • novasteve

        Yet types like him can lie and say republicans want to outlaw birth control while he defends people who beat women.

        • drax

          The girlfriend, the woman who was beaten, defended him too.

          • 1RLI

            More the pity.

          • drax

            Why more the pity?

    • formanova

      +1 spot on

  • John P

    Funny how things work when a son of a politician gets in trouble. I bet if he was a regular citizen DC courts would have had handed out a tougher punishment, which is what he deserves.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Disgusting, sad, pitiful, contemptible….the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I don’t like the Morans very much, but I honestly hope this is a wake up call for them to get the help they need.

    • novasteve

      wake up call? The p eople of Nova keep on enabling this family by keeping Jim in office, and Patrick will follow in his footsteps.

      • drax

        While Jim Moran’s past is certainly fair game, and it’s pretty awful, his son isn’t running for office.

        • novasteve

          No doubt Jim wants Patrick to take “his” seat

          • drax

            Well, yes, steve, there’s doubt.

          • Tired of it

            Well, no, D, there isn’t.

          • drax

            Why, yes, there is doubt.

  • Ian

    ARLnow, why is there no mention of Rep. Moran’s history of violent behavior? And why is a source granted anonymity to blame the bar and excuse Patrick’s actions?

    It’s disappointing that the only perspectives offered in the post are sympathetic towards a “man” who admits to slamming his girlfriend’s head against a metal trashcan. The entire second half of the article is a whitewashing of Patrick’s violent assault on a woman… by Moran and “a source”. Despicable.

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    I’m pretty sure that most of us (depending on one’s connections) would be looking at assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, maybe attempted murder?

  • Taylor

    Is it just me, or did this case go through the court system at lightning speed? Most people can’t get a traffic ticket hearing within a few months, let alone a hearing on beating up a girlfriend. And this was in the DC court system, too… any idea how this was possible?

    • drax

      Good point. That was just 12 days. Record time for any court.

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    I want to write to the bar in support of the bar and the employees who served them. The implication is clearly that they’re looking to blame–perhaps even sue.

  • novasteve

    God, i love Moran’s statement about condemning domestic violence. He’s got a lot of credibility there. Why doesn’t he condemn antisemitism too while he’s at it at things he has zero credibility in. Then goes on to call it an “accident”.

    yet the IDIOTS of Nova keep on reelecting him.

    • drax

      Probably 3 or 4 percent of the “idiots” vote for him just to spite you.

      • novasteve

        Yes, let’s spite steve by by voting for a wife beating antisemite.

        • drax

          Yep, that’s just how bad you are.

          • Really? Stop.

            No, it isn’t.

          • drax

            Don’t like my comments? Don’t read them.

    • Walrus

      I agree with you – his response to this is absolutely unacceptable for an elected official.

      That being said, you live in one of the most well-educated areas of the country, and it’s disgusting that you classify us all as ‘idiots’ because the population as a whole made a decision you don’t agree with. For you to suggest that those who voted for a Dem did so blindly is obnoxious – I would direct you to a state like Mississippi where you might see something like this: NAME + (R) = VOTE.

      Each party has its own ignorant followers.

  • Cheeseburger in Dystopia
  • janedough

    i didnt see where the name of the bar in which they were actually drinking was mentioned, so be sure to look into that. it also might be a good idea to check out the dram shop law for D C.

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      As it states in the article, ‘The Getaway”

      • janedough

        it states that they were “outside” the getaway

    • janedough

      in reply to tabby 3:11

  • Road Diet

    ArlNow: I second Ian’s comment. This article seems to be based on a press release.

    ARLnow, why is there no mention of Rep. Moran’s history of violent behavior? And why is a source granted anonymity to blame the bar and excuse Patrick’s actions?

    It’s disappointing that the only perspectives offered in the post are sympathetic towards a “man” who admits to slamming his girlfriend’s head against a metal trashcan. The entire second half of the article is a whitewashing of Patrick’s violent assault on a woman… by Moran and “a source”. Despicable.”

    • novasteve

      I’m not one to ever defend Moran, but this article is about his son’s most recent crime, not about Jim Moran.

      • Road Diet

        Fair enough. I can see why Jim Moran’s past doesn’t have to be brought into this.

        But the perspective of this article is slanted towards blaming the victim.

        • Michelle

          Rep. Moran’s language to defend his son is deplorable and unbecoming a member of congress.

          • novasteve

            And his antisemitism wasn’t? Yet he keeps on getting voted into office.

        • novasteve

          Well, she not only didn’t press charges, but defended him. next time this happens to her I will have zero pity for her. The fact they are even covering this story just makes Moran look bad without having to bring it up. Just his statement is sleazy. We have a sleazeball as our Congressman.

          • Michelle

            His antisemitism is deplorable too. As a domestic violence survivor, I’m more concerned about this. He is a jerk on many levels.

      • drax

        So why are you busy talking about Jim Moran here, steve?

      • Toss ‘da bums out

        Except Jim Moran put out a statement on the issue of the “alleged” assault on the female…since he too had an “alleged” assault lodged against him when his then wife called 911, this article IS about Jim Moran too (he inserted himself to the story by putting out a media statement) so his history is 100% relevant. To not include that context is journalistic malpractice.

  • Mary-Austin

    What an overprivileged dbag.
    I’m sure his daddy will have no problem getting him a new job despite the voter fraud thing and assault charges.

    • nom de guerre

      My sources tell me Patrick is under consideration for a consulting contract with AECom.

  • novasteve

    Sounds like Jim Moran is engaging in a war on women with his comments calling this an “accident”. Must be nice to be able to get away with anything.

    • drax

      Again, the woman herself, the victim, allegedly said it was an accident, and testified in his defense. Though she could simply be trying to protect him from a felony count.

      • novasteve

        If it were an accident, why was he charged with any crime? Obviously the police didn’t believe it was an accident.

        • Keith

          Maybe he accidentally plead guilty to bashing her face against the wall.

          • drax

            He never denied that he did it, and he pled guilty to assault. This has nothing to do with whether I believe it was an accident, or whether he said it was (which I don’t think he ever did).

        • drax

          I didn’t say I believe it’s an accident. I said the victim testified as such. The “accident” idea didn’t originate with Jim Moran.

          Please try hard to control your wandering mind.

          • novasteve

            But the “accident” story is an obvious lie (given the police witnessed the assault) that Jim Moran is pushing.

          • Smitty

            And just how do you know Jim Moran didn’t originate the accident story? PPOR

          • jane dough

            how can you say unequivocally that the “accident” idea did not originate with Jim Moran? and no, i dont have any evidence that it did, just suspicious of the timing of her testimony.

          • drax

            I didn’t say “unequivocally.” I’m looking at what was said by all parties.

  • Justin

    Like father, like son. Great reflection on Arlington.

  • Cletus

    Funny, if you pee in the alley behind a bar you can spend the rest of your life as a registered sex offender, but kick your girlfriend’s ass and you just plead it away to probation. Actually, not funny but sad. What a loser.

  • Jess

    Where are all the women’s rights people calling this a War On Women and calling for his head? Oh, right, he is a dem.

    • novasteve


      If liberals didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

      • Lori

        When democrats continually vote to limit and intrude on women’s health choices and against programs that help low income women, then we can call them out for a War on Women.

        This is just one douchebag kid who beat his girlfriend. This isn’t a ‘War’ on anything. No one supports this kid, and I don’t support his old man either, even if he does have a (D).

    • drax

      I call for Patrick Moran’s head.

      Happy now?

  • DynaFlash 8

    Dear Patrick,

    Word to the wise … get rid of ‘them’ in an Oldsmobile sedan. You can still run for President in due course.

    Yours truly,
    Ted K. (deceased)

    • nom de guerre

      You will first need to retain the law firm of Winem, Dinem and Dunkem.

  • b

    quick count… how many of members of the commentariat were there?

    growing up here i had several friends who were the sons and daughters of politicians from both parties. one rule that has unfortunately gone by the wayside is leaving the personal lives of family members to the family. politicians kids, perhaps more than most, struggle with the pressures of growing up and whether it’s drug use, vandalism, fights or domestic incidents especially, where the real truth is usually between a few people, we shouldn’t see someone’s parent as justification for character assassination.

    okay, the october incident was an incredibly stupid lapse of judgment and he was working on the campaign so yes, that is fair game for the public sphere…. but bashing someone who is not a public figure, and in turn bashing a public figure for the actions of a family member, are all scumbag moves. we weren’t there and our political views shouldn’t give us the privilege to ransack someone’s private life.

    I have no ties to any of the people involved and thoroughly condemn any and all domestic violence, but the idea that this is somehow our business, that this is a political issue and has some value in attacking the kids dad, and that we’re all informed enough on what happened to publicly lynch someone is absolutely pathetic.

    • Westover

      Grew up here to. Went to H.S. with half the kids of Congress. But, when they worked for the family campaign they did not pull this crap that Patrick has tried to do. And when they pulled crap like this in public, dad did not defend them in the papers, dad kept quite and dealt with it. AND a few of the parents did lose their jobs over the kids’ screw ups.

    • Mary-Austin

      Jim Moran’s calling this violence an “accident” and his standard blame it on the alcohol are what is pathetic.

      • drax

        The victim called it an accident too, and blamed it on a broken heel. Is she also pathetic?

        • Mary-Austin

          Yes. Her boyfriend threw her against a metal trash can and made her face bleed and she tries to cover for him…sad.

          • Quoth the Raven

            But she said it didn’t happen that way. I understand the complexity of the situation, abuse syndrome, wanting to defend him, etc – I get all that. She might be lying to cover for him. Or, she might be right. We just don’t know.

          • Skeptical

            I am not really excusing anyone in this scenario (it’s just too banal and wretched) but it occurs to me the girlfriend might have been leaned on to make this public statement defending her boy friend. It seems so gratuitous. And yes, none of us were there, but it’s such an unsurprising story. Think about it: wouldn’t we be most shocked if a son of Jim Moran — the man who (usually) votes right and gets everything else wrong — behaved with impeccable correctness, avoided beer joints, attended meditation classes or applied for a Fulbright?

  • Westover

    The Moran family loyalty is to the Morans and the Morans only. Patrick tries to cheat right in front of his girlfriend and when called out on it by her, he beats her up. Dad, who had beat Patrick’s mom himself, than defends him to try to make the family look a little less disfunctional. There HAS to be a better representative for us that the Dems can nominate in 2014.

    • novasteve

      Not a chance. The ONLY way, is if Moran makes a homophobic comment.

      • Mary-Austin

        Then you’ll probably like him.

        • drax


        • novasteve

          The only way I’d ever like Moran is if he resigned.

  • craig


  • DynaFlash 8

    Jokes aside,

    Did anybody hear of this incident before today?

  • Nova Lulu

    Wow, you all have been very busy with this this afternoon. I’m just reminded that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? Will we EVER be rid of the Morans… or are they like the Kennedy-gum-on-the-shoes?

  • John

    The apple does not fall very far from the tree. His dad as a history of similar behavior as I recall from news reports in the 1980s and 90s. The Congressman has been on very good behavior for white a while now. Perhaps, he gave up the bottle.

  • John

    Sorry, Nova Lulu, I did not see your comment before posting mine!! Obviously, you have been around the area for a while. I second your question about the Morons, err, sorry the Morans!

  • keepie

    What the heck is going on? First the great alliteration brawl at Bailey’s then the naked guy and now this?

    What’s next? Maybe a hoard of brown flip floppers will riot in the Whole Foods parking lot.

  • bobbytiger

    What’s that saying about an apple and a tree?

  • DeeBunker

    Thuggery runs in the family. Congressman Moran has a history of violent brawling going back to his years as Mayor of Alexandria. His constituents deserve representation in Congress by an individual with higher standards of ethics.

    • novasteve

      Do they deserve better? If so, why do they keep voting for him?

      • drax

        Wait, steve – are you actually asking a question instead of assuming you know the answer? Are you actually acknowledging that you can’t know what is inside someone else’s mind?

        • novasteve

          If his constituents deserve better than Jim Moran, why would they keep on voting for him?

          • Brian

            I guess when it comes down to it, they think he will vote their interests rather than the (R) he is running against. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is for all political parties.

            The real question is why has the Democratic party not challenged him with someone who can beat him and backed his challenger in the primary??

          • HD

            “The real question is why has the Democratic party not challenged him with someone who can beat him and backed his challenger in the primary??”

            Maybe because up until a few days ago his brother was chair of the state democratic party? Just throwing that out as a possibility.

          • Toss ‘da bums out

            Brian – recall Rep. Moran did have a Dem. primary challenger and Rep. Moran’s brother Brian who runs the local party “lost” the required 10K signatures to get Shuttlework on the ballot and only “found” them after a lawsuit was threatened. This family reeks to the high heavens…they have no shame.

  • Trev

    P-brah, I said ‘flash’ not ‘bash’. And I said ‘cam'(era) not ‘can’. C’mon brah get it right.

  • janedough

    why did he plead guilty if her heel broke and she fell? has anyone read the update of 4:10? ….and according to the Morans, the police report is incorrect? something is wrong with this whole scenario!

  • Roquer

    Scumbag father raises scumbag son. How bout that! Hard to believe the girl is gonna stay with the SOB

  • Me ke

    Hmmm so does anyone remember the domestic violence incident involving the Congressman and his wife? When the cops pursued that one Jimbo called that one a misunderstanding too,,,I am dem,,,and proud to say I have never voted for this idiot

  • Luna

    My ol’ boyfriend slapped me on the face outside a restaurant, we were both beered-up. I threw up all over him, later arranged that he lost his job because of what he did to me.. I never saw him again, but friends who work with ex-beau’s are handy to have around. Patrick and his daddy, God Almighty, maybe we’re spared this voter fraud freak having a future in politics like his grand old a–hole dad, maybe not. The Kennedy’s got away with murder.

    • novasteve

      Jim Moran is our own Marion Barry.

    • drax

      It’s a conspiracy!

  • novasteve

    Anyone wonder why Moran had a court appointed attorney? Not like I care what DC taxpayer money gets wasted on, but you’d think the son of a senator wouldn’t need a “free” lawyer.

    • drax

      1. His dad is a congressman, not a senator.

      2. Not all congressmen are rich, you know. Jim Moran has had his money problems reported in the media.

      3. Patrick Moran may not have asked his dad for help, or his dad refused.

  • AshtonBro

    Is it me or is this not getting enough run? This guy is a woman beating, lying, piece of crap; who somehow got through the DC legal system with a plea deal in 12 days. We all know it’s preferential treatment; and god forbid if one of us ever did something like this(i have had some horrid arguments with GFs in the past, and I never thought to hit any or hurt them in any way) we would either still be in jail or have a court date 9 months down the road…also keep in mind this POS did this inf front of TWO police officers… Further- his father’s Anti-Semitism, political bullying and boorish behavior should be brought up; has anyone thought that it’s a bit odd this never gets brought up? Why are we still represented by this guy? Im a Democrat, and I think he’s an ass, I refuse to vote for him. We need to be rid of this guy.

    • novasteve

      Son of a democrat senator getting a slap on the wrist from a democrat controlled town. The national media ignoring the story of course. Did you expect anything else to happen?

      • drax

        What exactly do you think this Democrat-controlled town should do to Patrick Moran, steve?

      • TrueBlueAmerican

        novasteve: As was noted, he’s a Congressman, not a Senator. Miss an easy one like that (twice) and your credibility to carry on discourse here sinks pretty fast. Secondly, it should have read “Democratic” Congressman (or Senator per your mistake), not “Democrat” congressman. Yahoos on the right who went to the Frank Luntz school of wordsmithing intentionally drop the “tic” from Democratic to wield it more like a slam/slur and to hijack the Democratic Party’s self-identity. Just shows when you don’t have facts, science, God or the majority of voters on your side, you play these silly little distraction games instead.

  • Toss ‘da bum out

    Read this piece, “Jim Moran: How Not to Respond to Domestic Violence.” It’s thoughtful and spot on. http://prospect.org/article/jim-moran-how-not-respond-domestic-violence

    • janedough

      good link

  • Courthouse Res

    So, did anyone see the post on Facebook from The Getaway? They claim they couple was never even in that bar!

    The Getaway DC
    You may have noticed our name in the news today. An awful incident occurred outside of our bar a few weeks back. Contrary to the reports we are certain that the individual did not patronize our bar that night. That being said, we are so disheartened to know that such a thing took place on our corner. As an establishme
    nt that serves alcohol and also a member of the Columbia Heights and DC community we want all of our neighbors and patrons to be safe from this kind of violence. Because we want to be proactive, we will be donating 15% of our net sales this Sunday to Break the Cycle, which empowers youth to end domestic violence. See y’all soon


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