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APS Relocating Two Education Centers

by Katie Pyzyk December 18, 2012 at 10:50 am 4,699 19 Comments

Sequoia building (via APS website) Rendering of welcome center at new Syphax Education Center

(Updated at 11:10 a.m.) Arlington Public Schools is relocating two of its education centers to a renovated facility on Washington Blvd.

Administrative offices, classrooms and staff currently at the Clarendon Education Center (2801 Clarendon Blvd) and the Syphax Education Center (1439 N. Quincy Street) will be moving to a space in the Sequoia Building 2 (2110 Washington Blvd). The new facility is in the same cluster of buildings housing the Arlington Employment Center and the Arlington County Department of Human Services.

A learning center in the new facility will be open from 8:00 a.m.-9:30 p.m., and will provide space for adult education classes and the Arlington Education and Employment Program (REEP). The welcome center will be open from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

All offices currently located at the APS Education Center (1426 N. Quincy Street), including the School Board office and the School Board meeting room, will remain at the current location.

The new 61,000 square foot Syphax Education Center will open on January 2, 2013. Photos of the renovations inside the building have not been released, but renderings from the construction plans are available online.

No word yet on what might be taking the place of the Clarendon Education Center, which is located across the street from Whole Foods, in the midst of Clarendon’s main business district.

  • John

    I’m hoping Sears moves back to its old space.

    Unfortunately the new school facilities are located far from the major bus and rail lines. My guess is most people will drive.

    • YTK

      45, 42, 77 bus lines go there.
      Yes I miss the old Sears too– especially the garden dept, the catalog pickup and the automotive parts building. And the endless parking spots.

    • Hank

      They are also changing some routes to accommodate the extra folks who need to go out there.

  • Josh S

    I wonder how many ways people will find to complain about this announcement. Hoepfully (but not holding my breath) no one will find a way to compare the new tenants with sewage.

  • Josh S

    Although what might be interesting is if all those who spewed so much hate when the Department of Human Services can follow up with their stories about how the whole neighborhood has gone to hell in a handbasket as a result of the agency re-locating there.

  • Deadite

    What? I think you forgot a word or three. I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

    • Deadite

      ^^ reply was for Josh S

      • Josh S

        Insert “relocated to this location” after “Services.”

        • Deadite

          OK, got it now.

  • YTK

    Too cool

  • YTK

    However, I kind of miss the olden days when that place was a godforsaken strip mall with an exotic uesd car lot (think Lancia, Aceca, AC Cobra , BEFORE Shelby — and other exotics) and an Xrated movie theatre.

  • R. Griffon

    Real shame to see that place get moved away from someplace Metro accessible. Yes, I know you can take a bus there, but that’s obviously not the same.

    Honest question for ARLnow to look into: If the County is giving up the space, then won’t it cease to be the local polling place as well? Where will that move to?

  • mjw703

    I used to be a volunteer for the nighttime ESL classes there. Great staff and great students. It was great for everyone that it was on the Metro, but unfortunately the new facility will be nowhere near as convenient, especially for students who take night classes when bus service is far less frequent.

  • DCBuff

    Not simply loss of Metro accessibility, which may have the most impact on the employees. The Clarendon location allowed for other errands to be run on the same trip, while the new location, to which most people will drive, won’t do that.

    • YTK

      True– I used to grab a bite to eat at any one of the nearby places before class started. Now, there will be nothing but vending machine food. And the buses ran well into the night, so I had no problem getting home.

      • mjw703

        I used to live in Rosslyn, and many of the ESL students are from there as well. The ART bus 45 to Rosslyn stops running after 7PM.

  • Zimmie the Hutt

    Stop speculating. I am getting bribed to move these government offices to my pal’s buildings. BRIBES, get over it, because your comments will not change my bribe-life.


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