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Arlington Agenda is a listing of interesting events for the week ahead in Arlington County.

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wednesday-1Young Professionals to Business Leaders Speaker Series*
Ballston LaunchPAD (former Chevy’s Restaurant, 4238 Wilson Blvd)
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

This speaker series offers young professionals a chance to hear from local business leaders, from corporate executives to entrepreneurs. Registration is $15 in advance or $20 at the door.


thursdayLive Music: Party for the Pike
Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse (2903 Columbia Pike)
Time: 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.

Alternative country band BoxCartel performs in an event sponsored by the pro-streetcar group Streetcar Now. Admission is free.


friday (2)Live Music: Footwerk
Iota Club & Cafe (2832 Wilson Blvd)
Time: 9:00 p.m. – Midnight

Local hip-hop/neo-soul band Footwerk, which will be opening up for SOJA at the House of Blues in Atlantic City on Sunday, performs with Cosmodrome. Admission is $10.


saturday_619x8002nd Annual Backyard BBQ & Wine Bash*
Twisted Vines Bottleshop & Bistro (2803 Columbia Pike)
Time: 3:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Twisted Vines is hosting a tasting of 16 unique wines and finger-licking homemade barbeque. The event will include a cornhole tournament and other outdoor games.


sundayLive Theater: Legally Blonde, The Musical
Thomas Jefferson Community Center (3501 S. 2nd Street)
Time: 2:00 -5:00 p.m.

The Hollywood blockbuster is adapted for stage. Admission is $10-12 and tickets are available online. Not recommended for children under the age of 10.

*Denotes featured (sponsored) event

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Yorktown High School football player (file photo)

This article was co-written by Audrey Batcheller

As fall sports season approaches for Arlington’s high schools, varsity athletes must adjust to the new Virginia High School League realignment and reclassification for post-season competition.

The athletic departments of Arlington schools have been aware that this shakeup was coming, but now that the plan is finalized and the 2013-14 school year is quickly approaching, many are wondering what exactly this means for their teams.

Virginia high schools had previously been organized by districts that were grouped by proximity. These districts were then classified based on enrollment size. The highly populated schools were in Group AAA, schools with average populations were in Group AA, and the smallest schools were in Group A. All three Arlington high schools were members of the AAA National District of the Northern Region.

While the National District is staying intact for regular season play, the playoff system is getting a major overhaul. The three statewide groups are being split into six, the smallest schools in Group 1A and the biggest in Group 6A.

Each group will crown its own state champion in each sport, except lacrosse, which will now crown two state championships as opposed to the one, unified championship given out since it became a VHSL-sanctioned sport in 2006.

Washington-Lee and Yorktown will continue to play the state’s biggest schools in Group 6A and will be joining National District rival Hayfield as part of Conference 6. Wakefield, with several hundred fewer students, will be in Conference 13 with the other local Group 5A schools.

“The reclassification offers those schools with a smaller student enrollment a fair shot at playing similar sized schools,” Noel Deskins, the Director of Student Activities at Wakefield High School, said in an email.

Bishop O’Connell High School is not affected by the reclassification because it is not a member of the VHSL. O’Connell competes against the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference.

Previously, the regular season was followed by a three-round, single elimination district playoff, where teams would compete against schools within their district for the title of district champions. The top four teams from each district then advanced to a Regional tournament, where the top two teams would advance to an eight team state championship.

Now, with the introduction of the conferences a new playoff system has developed. The playoffs start off similarly to the previous procedure, but schools will now be competing to be conference champions. After the conference playoffs have concluded, only the top two teams will advance to the regional tournament and the state tournament now will consist of only four teams.

Football is the only exception; the conference playoffs are bypassed and the top 16 teams will go straight into regional playoffs. Wakefield, which ended last season winless, will no longer play in the Northern Region with Yorktown and Washington-Lee — renamed the 6A North Region — instead, they will be in the 5A North Region.

Football is the sport perhaps least affected by the reclassification. Because teams can only play just one game a week, they were already divided into six divisions for state tournaments. Last year, Yorktown went undefeated until it fell to Stone Bridge in Ashburn in the Northern Region championship.

All three high schools will match up against each other and the rest of the National District during the regular season in an effort to maintain rivalry games.

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Whole Foods Market in Clarendon by Erin JohnsonWhole Foods in Clarendon began a renovation Monday.

Clarendon Whole Foods marketing manager Jackie Zovko said the store is pushing back a large cooler in the produce department, which will clear space to expand produce, add 8 to 10 feet of the seafood counter and add another grocery aisle, which would allow for expansion of the bulk foods section.

“We hope to have it completed by the first week of October,” Zovko said. “There will be some other changes, but they’re not confirmed yet.”

The renovation is the second phase of Whole Foods’ renovation project for its Clarendon location. Five years ago, the grocery store moved its café section to the second story and expanded its specialty and baked goods section.

Zovko said most of the work will be done at night, after the store closes, so as not to interfere with customers’ shopping experience.

Photo courtesy of Erin Johnson. Disclosure: Whole Foods is an ARLnow.com advertiser.

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Rental Report header

Editor’s Note: This new biweekly sponsored column is written by Rick Gersten, founder and CEO of Urban Igloo, a rental real estate firm that matches up renters with their ideal apartments, condos or houses. Please submit any questions in the comments section or via email.

It is no surprise to Arlington residents that DC area apartment prices are some of the highest in the nation. However, there are some relative bargains in the Arlington rental market. The only catch is that renters may have to concede something to get the best deal.

Give something up? What? Yes, renters may have to sacrifice the dream of a luxury apartment in the heart of Clarendon if they want a 1 bedroom for $1600 per month. So what will renters give up to get a great bargain?

Location — Maybe living two blocks from the Orange Line in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor isn’t an absolute necessity. Many 1 bedroom units in the area are running right around $2000+ per month for buildings with ideal locations. Live just a mile away, take the metro ART bus or bike to the Metro and renters can save a bundle.

  • A beautifully renovated 1 bedroom apartment (530 sq. feet) just a little over a mile south of the Clarendon Metro station is priced around $1620 per month, and amenities include a pool and fitness center.
  • A well maintained, large 1 bedroom apartment (700 sq. feet) about a mile from Ballston Metro is priced around $1520 and includes parking.
  • Willing to take a shuttle to Metro on weekdays? A 1 bedroom apartment (640 sq. feet) in South Arlington is $1435 per month. The nicely finished apartments feature an in-unit washer/dryer, a parking space, and a pool and fitness center within the building.

Quality — When we talk about compromising on quality, we don’t mean living in a run down property. It just means giving up the high-end finishes, such as stainless steel appliances and granite counters. They look nice, no doubt, but at the end of the day a white refrigerator and Corian or laminate floor may be acceptable if they save a couple hundred bucks a month.

  • A large 1 bedroom (720 sq. feet), just a short walk from the Metro and shopping in Pentagon City, runs about $1685. Laundry is available on every floor. Parking is available, and many units have nice balconies with great views.
  • A large 1 bedroom (870 sq. feet), close to the Metro and restaurants in Crystal City, costs $1489 per month.  On-site amenities include a pool, fitness center, low cost parking and laundry.  Don’t forget Crystal City has that nice underground tunnel system that keeps people out of the heat, rain and cold.

While there is always going to be that one place that has it all, most people don’t have the luxury of time or patience to look and wait for it. So modifying expectations and opening yourself up to new possibilities may save a bundle, and give you more money in your pocket for a nice dinner out at one of the wonderful restaurants nearby.

The views and opinions expressed in the column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ARLnow.com.


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Del. Adam Ebbin (D) speaks at GMU Law anti-discrimination rallyState Sen. Adam Ebbin (D) is blasting Virginia Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (R) for his anti-gay views.

Ebbin, the first openly-gay member of the Virginia General Assembly, responded to remarks Cuccinelli made at a debate over the weekend. Cuccinelli defended his previously-stated “sincerely held beliefs” about homosexuality — that, in the paraphrased words of moderator Judy Woodruff, “same-sex acts are against nature and harmful to society.”

“My personal beliefs about the personal challenge of homosexuality haven’t changed,” he said. “The notion that because I believe marriage ought to be protected, because I believe life begins at conception — just like hundreds of thousands of independents and Democrats — this isn’t just me, it isn’t just Republicans.”

In response, Ebbin issued the following statement today.

Ken Cuccinelli’s unapologetic and bizarre views on gay people perpetuate the worst stereotypes and make Virginia look like a hostile backwater. Labeling gay people “harmful to society” and calling homosexuality a “personal challenge” puts him out of the mainstream of Virginia thinking. It’s one thing to be prejudiced in your private life, but it’s another to use a position of public trust to promote intolerance and bigotry. As a gay person, I know how this type of rhetoric can hurt people, and I don’t think that Ken Cuccinelli understands that at all.

This debate in Virginia is especially timely since our neighbors in Maryland and DC now have marriage equality. Terry McAuliffe understands perfectly, as I do, that this places us at a competitive and economic disadvantage. That’s what this governor’s race is all about.

Cuccinelli has also been trying to overturn a federal court ruling that found Virginia’s anti-sodomy law, which outlawed oral and anal sex, unconstitutional. He says the law wasn’t intended to prosecute consenting adults, but instead served as a tool prosecutors could use in cases involving child sex predators.

Cuccinelli is facing Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Libertarian Robert Sarvis in the race for governor. The election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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Rep. Jim Moran's panel discussion on gun violence at Washington-Lee high schoolRep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) introduced a bill Monday that would allow localities like Arlington to recoup unpaid taxes with help from the federal government.

The bill would extend the Federal Offset Program to local governments. The program currently helps 42 states and Washington, D.C. to collect funds from delinquent taxpayers by reducing — or “offsetting” — their federal tax refund.

The bill, if passed, would be a triumph for Arlington Treasurer Frank O’Leary, who has advocated for such a tax-collecting tool on the local level.

“This is a win-win program for all levels of government and those who regularly pay their taxes,” O’Leary said in a press release. “Passage of this legislation could mean hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for local governments without increasing the tax burden on those who faithfully pay their fair share of taxes.”

“This bill offers a unique opportunity not just to provide needed, owed funds, at no cost to the federal government, it also protects honest taxpayers from an increase in local property taxes,” Moran said. “The federal government has done this successfully with states and we should provide the same partnership to local governments looking for relief.” 

The federal government will collect a $25 fee from localities for each offset request. In Fiscal Year 2010, the Federal Offset Program collected more than $400 million in delinquent taxes to the states enrolled, Moran’s office said.

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Rosslyn Metro station (Flickr pool photo by Wolfkann)

Man Accused of Attempted Rape in Office — An Arlington man is accused of trying to rape a woman in an office near Columbia Pike. Police say Michael McKeever, 31, entered an office on the 900 block of S. Monroe Street on Friday morning and tried to rape a female employee. The woman fought McKeever off, police say, and he was later arrested at his home. [Arlington County]

Sinkhole at Arlington National Cemetery — Crews are working to fix a 5 or 6 foot deep sinkhole on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery. The sinkhole formed on a road in the cemetery due to a collapsed culvert, officials said. [Washington Post]

Record Adoptions for Lost Dog & Cat Rescue — A total of 323 dogs and cats were adopted out by Lost Dog & Cat Rescue in June, a record for the Arlington-based rescue organization. [Sun Gazette]

Flickr pool photo by Wolfkann


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