Arlington, VA

Advertise in Arlington on an Annual Budget of About $25,000

The goal: You want to reach Arlington residents throughout the year and get the most bang for the buck at a set annual budget. At a ~$25,000 annual budget, we have three recommendations.

Option 1

  • Platinum Premium Brand Package — Sidebar ad, Email Newsletter ad, Billboard Ad, Podcast sponsorship, quarterly Promoted Post ($2,200/mo)

Total annual investment: $26,400

Option 2

  • Gold Premium Brand Package — Sidebar ad, Email Newsletter ad, Billboard Ad, quarterly Promoted Post ($1,600/mo)
  • Biweekly feature or column on a given topic ($300/post)

Total annual investment: $27,000

Option 3

  • Sponsorship of email vertical ($1,000/mo)
  • Silver Premium Brand Package — Sidebar ad, Email Newsletter ad, quarterly Promoted Post ($1,000/mo)

Total annual investment: $24,000

What each thing is

  • Platinum Brand package — This well-rounded marketing package gets your message across to hard-to-reach local consumers. Premium brand packages include everything you need to consistently and effectively reach your target audience. It includes a Sidebar ad, Email Newsletter ad, Billboard ad, Podcast sponsorship and quarterly Promoted Posts at a discounted package rate.
  • Gold Brand package — Everything in the Premium package except the podcast sponsorship.
  • Silver Brand package — Everything in the Gold package except the Billboard ad.
  • Sidebar ad — This “always on” 300x250px display ad is visible 100% of the time on the desktop homepage (~40-50% of our desktop traffic), and in rotation on mobile pages. It is our most in-demand ad position for its versatility and low effective per-ad impression rate.
  • Email Newsletter ad — Your 200x400px ad is placed on the righthand side of our popular, daily email newsletter, which is sent to more than 12,500 subscribers and opened more than 50% of the time.
  • Billboard ad — This ad position appears between posts on the desktop homepage and between each article and the comments. Because it’s within the eye path of those browsing on the homepage or scrolling on article pages, it’s highly visible. Plus, the wide aspect ratio provides plenty of room to get your message out. Resolution: 600x300px.
  • Promoted Post — This is a sponsored article that is published on the homepage like any other article on the site, but it’s specifically intended to promote you and your business. The post can contain photos, embedded videos, polls and more. The Promoted Post is visible on the homepage for an average of 24 hours, but remains on the site indefinitely beyond that, is further promoted on our popular Facebook and Twitter accounts, and is linked to in our email newsletter. If desired, we’ll write the post for you for free.
  • Podcast sponsorship — An anchor read of an audio advertisement on our twice-monthly local podcast, 26 Square Miles, which averages 1,000-2,000 listens per episode.
  • Biweekly feature or column — Every other week, you will get to connect with ARLnow’s tens of thousands of daily readers, social media followers and email subscribers. A biweekly feature or column makes you the star on our site, allowing you to build a brand, engage with consumers and stay top of mind. Both the feature and the column are intended to be primarily informational in nature and written by (or on behalf) of you. Examples of sponsored features include our popular Just Listed and Just Reduced real estate features, which link to residential properties that were just listed on the market or reduced in price, sending thousands of clicks each week or our clients. Sponsored columns, which are less of a utility and more about personal views and insights, have established companies and firms as local experts on a given topic. Column examples include the Beermonger, Legal Insider, Rethink Energy and Neighborhood Spotlight. (See screenshot below)
  • Sponsorship of email vertical — ARLnow is planning to launch a series of email verticals on various topics in the near future. Reaching more than 12,500 opt-in subscribers — from county leaders to local business executives to engaged local residents — the new email newsletters will cover a variety of local topics, including Health & Wellness, People & Nonprofits, Food & Drink, Kids & Families, and Home & Garden. Our marquee sponsor for each newsletter will have their logo at the top and a blurb about their latest offering or promotion in the middle.

Why we think this works best

  • Keeping a long-term display ad presence on the site helps keep your brand and message within eyeshot of most Arlingtonians year-round. With the Premium Package, you have three display ads which collectively show up on all of the site’s pages and on our email newsletter, plus an anchor read ad on our twice-monthly podcast.
  • One Promoted Post is good, but four over the course of the year will keep your company in the local conversation every season. You can use it to promote seasonal offerings or to just keep your company and its products or services top of mind. Promoted Posts are particularly effective for *actionable* marketing messages — prompting readers to attend an event, buy tickets or seek additional information.
  • In all, the Premium and Gold packages put your brand in multiple places on the site to reach the widest swath of consumers possible.
  • If you’re willing to put in a bit more work on the content creation side, our sponsored features and columns have proven popular with clients and readers alike. Make yourself the go-to local expert on a topic, or use the power of our reach to provide useful and valuable information to readers — and in turn receive hundreds or even thousands of new visits to your website each week. Done right, this is the most powerful branding vehicle we offer, and — one could argue — the future of local advertising writ large.
  • If you want to have an email newsletter all to yourself for brand association, the email vertical sponsorship option allows you to do that — while also running a Silver Brand Package on

You might also consider…

If you’re looking for a bigger, more immediate near-term impact, consider a shorter-term advertising option.

Availability for the above solutions is limited and offered on a first-come, first serve basis. To book you campaign or if you have more questions, use the following form to get in touch or call us our business team at 703-348-0583.



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