Arlington, VA

Advertise to Promote a Big Public Event in Arlington

The goal: You want to get people to be aware of, talk about and (if applicable) buy tickets for a large public event. The more buzz the better. Our solutions…


  • 1 Promoted Post ($649)
  • 3 mos. – Mobile ad ($499/mo)

Total investment: $2,146


  • 2 Promoted Posts ($649)
  • 3 mos. – Mobile ad ($499/mo)

Total investment: $2,795


  • 2 Promoted Posts ($649)
  • 3 mos. – Mobile ad ($499/mo)
  • 1 Email Blast ($849)

Total investment: $3,644

What each thing is

  • Promoted Post — This is a sponsored article that is published on the homepage like any other article on the site, but it’s specifically intended to promote you and your event or offering. The post can contain photos, embedded videos, polls and more. The Promoted Post is visible on the homepage for an average of 24 hours, but remains on the site indefinitely beyond that, is further promoted on our popular Facebook and Twitter accounts, and is linked to in our email newsletter. If desired, we’ll write the post for you for free.
  • Mobile ad — This display ad is visible at the top of our site, every time someone loads any page on their mobile device. If desired, we’ll design the ad for you for free. Maximum resolution: 640x200px.
  • Email Blast — This is a dedicated email blast sent to our more than 10,000 opt-in email subscribers. The blast consists of our logo and a large image that communicates your message in an event more visual way. (See screenshot below)

Why we think this works best

  • Promoted Posts and Email Blasts work best for *actionable* campaigns. They can help sell tickets, generate buzz, and get readers to attend things.
  • Our polling shows that readers actually want sponsored content that is informative and actionable. Plus, 79 percent said they’d like *more* ads about special events and happenings. Promoted Posts and Email Blasts about events hit this sweet spot and provide eager consumers with the kind of information they are seeking.
  • The Mobile ad is often seen by younger consumers, who are more likely to attend many types of events. This ad is very visible and will remind readers about your event for a month prior to the start date.
  • This campaign runs for a longer duration than the similar short-run event campaign, connecting with more readers and offering a longer time frame for building excitement and buzz.

You might also consider…

For all public events, be sure to submit it to our event calendar. Want even more impact from your listing? Submit it as a “featured event” and it will be further highlighted on our homepage.

Availability for the above solutions is limited and offered on a first-come, first serve basis. To book you campaign or if you have more questions, use the following form to get in touch or call us our business team at 703-348-0583.



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