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Advertise to Promote a One-Time Special Offer


The goal: You want to promote a special offer for your store, restaurant, event, etc. to the wider community. You are offering a significant discount to boost sales or visits.


  • 1 Deal of the Day post ($329)

Total investment: $329


  • 1 Listing of the Day post ($329)
  • 1 Email Blast ($849)

Total investment: $1,178

What each thing is

  • Deal of the Day — This is a sponsored article that is published on the homepage like any other article on the site, but it’s specifically intended to promote your special offer. The post can contain photos or an embedded video. It is visible on the homepage for an average of 24 hours, is further promoted on our popular Facebook and Twitter accounts, and is linked to in our email newsletter. To improve your margins and encourage attention-getting discounts, the Deal of the Day is deeply discounted compared to the similar Promoted Post ($649/mo).
  • Email Blast — This is a dedicated email blast sent to our more than 10,000 opt-in email subscribers. The blast consists of our logo and a large image that communicates your message in an event more visual way.

Why we think this works best

  • Typically, sponsored content like the Deal of the Day works best for *actionable* campaigns. Consumers can and do pay attention to the Deal of the Day — one previous campaign in particular sold out the advertiser’s entire inventory of hundreds of discounted tickets to an event.
  • Readers have consistently told ARLnow in surveys that they are seeking local discounts.
  • With Deal of the Day, your deal will not be buried — it will be seen by tens of thousands of readers. It will be seen by another 10,000+ of our most engaged readers if you send it out in an email blast.

You might also consider

We have a coupon publishing option on the site, though it is temporarily down for maintenance. Email us to let us know if you would like to be notified when that option is back up and working.

Availability for the above solutions is limited and offered on a first-come, first serve basis. To book you campaign or if you have more questions, use the following form to get in touch or call us our business team at 703-348-0583.



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