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Advertise to Promote a Real Estate Listing

The goal: You want to promote a real estate listing, to generate buyer interest and light a fire under buyers, in order to boost offers. ARLnow has helped dozens of properties to close quicker with more buyer interest. Here are our solutions…


  • 1 Listing of the Day post ($329)

Total investment: $329


  • Recurring package to promote one listing per month
  • 1 Listing of the Day post ($329)
  • 1 mo. – Sidebar ad w/ listing tech ($599/mo)
  • 10% volume discount (-$93)

Total investment: $835/mo

What each thing is

  • Listing of the Day — This is a sponsored article that is published on the homepage like any other article on the site, but it’s specifically intended to promote your real estate listing. The post can contain photos or an embedded video. It is visible on the homepage for an average of 24 hours, is further promoted on our popular Facebook and Twitter accounts, and is linked to in our email newsletter. To best fit an agent’s marketing budget, the Listing of the Day is deeply discounted compared to the similar Promoted Post ($649/mo). The primary limitations are a tighter word limit and no free writing services (must be written by you, based on a set template).
  • Sidebar ad w/ listing tech — This “always on” display ad is visible 100% of the time on the desktop homepage (~40-50% of our desktop traffic), and in rotation on mobile pages. It is our most in-demand ad position for its versatility and low effective per-ad impression rate. Specifically for real estate professionals we offer a technology solution that allows you to promote real estate listings within the ad, with no graphic design required, free of charge. (See screenshot below.)

Why we think this works best

  • Typically, sponsored content like the Listing of the Day works best for *actionable* campaigns. Buyers can and do pay attention to the Listing of the Day — it has often produced a wave of offers as buyers fear competition from the tens of thousands who might have seen the post.
  • Home sellers have appreciated seeing their home highlighted on a popular website that they and their friends read.
  • The listing ad allows you to reach new buyers, highlight your personal brand, and make sellers — particularly those who are avid readers of the site — happy that you’re going the extra mile to promote their property online.

You might also consider

We offer a number of popular recurring sponsored content solutions for real estate agents and brokerages, not listed here, which help build brands and generate a firehose of traffic for our clients. Most are currently booked, but get in touch to inquire about getting on our waitlist.

Availability for the above solutions is limited and offered on a first-come, first serve basis. To book you campaign or if you have more questions, use the following form to get in touch or call us our business team at 703-348-0583.


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