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Advertise to Promote my Business and Gain Awareness

The goal: You want to generally promote your business and raise awareness of your brand. An immediate boost in sales or leads is a goal, but it’s not the only objective. You also want to build your profile in the community. ARLnow has a solution set for this…


  • 1 Promoted Post ($649)

Total investment: $649


  • 1 Promoted Post ($649)
  • 3 mos. – Sidebar ad ($599/mo)

Total investment: $2,446


  •  1 Promoted Post ($649)
  • 3 mos. – Skyscraper ad ($599/mo)
  • 3 mos. – Email Newsletter ad ($299/mo)

Total investment: $3,343

What each thing is

  • Promoted Post — This is a sponsored article that is published on the homepage like any other article on the site, but it’s specifically intended to promote you and your event or offering. The post can contain photos, embedded videos, polls and more. The Promoted Post is visible on the homepage for an average of 24 hours, but remains on the site indefinitely beyond that, is further promoted on our popular Facebook and Twitter accounts, and is linked to in our email newsletter. If desired, we’ll write the post for you for free.
  • Sidebar ad — This “always on” display ad is visible 100% of the time on the desktop homepage (~40-50% of our desktop traffic), and in rotation on mobile pages. It is our most in-demand ad position for its versatility and low effective per-ad impression rate. (See screenshot below)
  • Skyscraper ad — This is the same price as a Sidebar ad, but it appears alongside articles rather than the homepage, and is more than twice the size (it’s taller). Skyscraper ads are displayed in rotation, so they’re shown fewer times — but they’re also typically more eye-catching, thus racking up higher click-through rates.
  • Email Newsletter ad — Your Skyscraper ad is shrunk down a bit and placed on the righthand side of our popular, daily email newsletter, which is sent to more than 12,500 subscribers and opened more than 50% of the time.

Why we think this works best

  • Typically, Promoted Posts work best for *actionable* campaigns. They can help sell tickets, generate buzz, and send you warm leads and web traffic.
  • Display ads help keep your business and your value proposition “top of mind” for consumers. The reason you’d put a billboard next to a busy highway is the same reason you want your message next to tens of thousands of eyeballs every day. We recommend a minimum display ad purchase of 3 month for sufficient repetition to get your message across.
  • Promoted Posts and display ads together are a good “one-two punch” that get your message/branding out there in a substantial way before reinforcing it with display ads.

You might also consider

We’re open to more creative advertising partnerships and promotions. Contact us to discuss ideas for custom event sponsorships, podcast advertising, social media posts, etc.

Availability for the above solutions is limited and offered on a first-come, first serve basis. To book you campaign or if you have more questions, use the following form to get in touch or call us our business team at 703-348-0583.


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