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Local business owner (file photo)ARLnow Business Membership is a cost-effective way for local businesses to tell their story, attract new customers, promote their news and improve search engine standing. Learn more.

Not a member? Contact us at [email protected] or (703) 348-0583 for more information.

Members: Use the following links to publish or request changes to content. Please remember to plug in your customer number. Don’t have one yet? Email us.

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Business Membership FAQ:

When will my business profile be published? Once a year ARLnow.com will write a profile of your business, to be published on our homepage and promoted with our social media accounts and email newsletter. An ARLnow.com writer will usually get in touch shortly after you join to schedule an interview, and it will be slotted for publication once you approve of the final product. We will get back in touch each subsequent year to update your profile and photos for a new homepage post.

Can I write my own profile? Yes, you may submit your own profile, but we encourage you to let us take care of that for you. Our writers are trained to make your business profile interesting and informative, encouraging readership. This is a reinvention of the staid “special advertising feature” you might see in local magazines. Our writers will work with you to make sure your profile meets your exacting standards and includes everything you need to meet your marketing goals. We won’t publish a profile unless you’re 100% satisfied with it. If you’re not satisfied, let us know.

Can I update information in my profile or my events, press releases and coupons? We update or remove items by request via a quick form.

How do I improve my business’ search engine position? Want a boost from Google or Bing? One way to improve your search engine standings are to get permanent links from a popular, established website like ARLnow.com. For instance, we link directly to your website in our business directory and in your annual business profile. Also, regularly publishing content that’s relevant to readers can give you a nice SEO boost. Be sure to take advantage of our press release and event publishing features, and ask about how we can help with posts on your own website and social media accounts.

What happens to my business profile after I cancel? As long as you’ve been a client for at least six months, your profile will remain on the site in perpetuity. We will remove it upon your request.

How many events, press releases or coupons can I publish per month? Your membership allows you to publish up to three items — any combination of events, press releases or coupons, per month.

How often can I update my ad? As part of your membership, you get a share of a 300x250px ad position on ARLnow.com. Business members car update their ads once a year. We’ll ask you if you want to update it when we’re writing your business profile, but you’re also welcome to update the ad before that, just email us. If you need help with ad design, we can facilitate that for a small fee.


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