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Compare Us to the Competition

ARLnow business membership stickerARLnow Business Membership is a completely new way to achieve your local business’ marketing goals.

However, we think there are some apt comparisons to legacy media offerings. We’ll let you be the judge.

Ready to join? Call 703-348-0583, email or sign up online.


ARLnow Membership

  • Reach: 100,000s
  • Unique, compelling profile published on its own, on our homepage.
  • Profile published annually. Events, press releases and coupons published year-round.
  • Lots of content, lots of links = more SEO.
  • Cost: $99/mo
Local Lifestyle Magazine

  • Reach: 10,000s
  • Cookie-cutter profile published in the middle of the magazine, with lots of your competitors.
  • Published once.
  • One profile online, linked in one place = less SEO.
  • Cost: $1,000+


Yellow Pages

  • Reach: ?????
  • Basic, generic listing plus an ad
  • Published once a year in a book few read and a website few of your customers use.
  • When everybody’s listed, nobody benefits SEO-wise.
  • Cost: $100-3,200/mo

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