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A Beautiful Day in the ETC Neighborhood

(This Community Post was written by Educational Theatre Company and underwritten by Embracing Arlington Arts.)

With fall on the horizon and so many unknowns with the school year, Educational Theatre Company (ETC) is still doing what we do best, finding creative solutions for reaching our community where they are. Following a successful return to in-person summer camps, ETC will be in your neighborhood this fall!

ETC Neighborhood Classes are small-group, outdoor classes for PreK-8th in neighborhoods where you live, making theatre arts accessible to everyone. To meet the need for in-person theatre programming in our community, we added to our robust online programming by starting outdoor socially-distanced Neighborhood Classes in Summer 2020 to bring students from various households together to share their stories in imaginative ways. We are facing the possibility that despite in-person school days, after school programming may face severe restrictions.

Rooted in ETC’s “4 Cs,” these classes will have students of all ages gain Confidence as they use Collaboration and share their Creative stories with their Communities. This increase in our direct impact on the community is the achievement ETC most values.

ETC Neighborhood Classes are coming back this fall! Is there green space in your neighborhood? If you are interested in having an outdoor class in your neighborhood, contact ETC now.; 703-271-0222

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