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A New Approach to Creating Independence at Home

INF Care Virtual Concierge is a new and inviting option to remote assistance that leverages the best of what technology should encompass with quality interaction. For the busy individual that needs a way to reduce stress and tackle caring for an older family member that lives alone.


For the maturing adult that just needs help with everyday tedious tasks, connectivity, and access to data on their everyday habits to pinpoint areas that need more attention. Whether you are the user looking for a support system that encourages your independence or a working individual that needs a reliable solution that allow them to feel relieved that someone is connecting with an aging family member daily when they are not able to, we can help.

$200/month (month to month contract)
• We send clients our software loaded on a tablet w/a stand and help them get set up • We check-in once a day (Mon-Fri) • Set the reminders • Our system has activities to stimulate the mind
• We encourage a healthy lifestyle

Our solution is private, easy to use, and convenient and we work on your schedule to help ease the load of responsibility.

It’s not easy tackling everything on your own, with us by your side you don’t have to.
When you need that little bit of help without having to deal with someone coming in and out of your home, our goal is to help our clients stress less and live more.

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