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Arlington’s Pie in The Sky Aspirations? Not Out of Reach with the Arts

by Sponsor July 15, 2019 at 1:55 pm 0

This Community Post was written by Embracing Arlington Arts and underwritten by Washington Workplace.

  • School children earning higher grades. High schoolers scoring better on their SATs. Senior citizens keeping their brains stimulated to help stave off neurological diseases.
  • Veterans successfully battling PTSD. Higher percentages of residents volunteering in their community. Lower unemployment numbers. Persons with physical disabilities (like Parkinson’s) improving their motor skills.
  • More active voters. Young adults getting confidence to speak in public. Local restaurants busier and earning higher revenue. Mentally ill patients staying calmer for longer periods of time.

Pie in the sky aspirations for Arlington? Not at all. These outcomes are all proven to be the result when a community has active and vibrant arts and culture programs available to all ages living in that community. That is why Embracing Arlington Arts keeps spreading the word as far and wide as possible about the importance of arts and culture.

Founded a little over two years ago, this citizens group’s mission is to inform others about the importance and diversity of the arts, artists and arts organizations in our community; celebrate the critical contributions the arts make to all sectors of our County; spearhead initiatives that maintain and grow the County’s cultural identity; and spread the word about the diverse performance and cultural events held in Arlington.

Arlington County is a wonderful place to live — and the continued vibrancy of arts and culture will further enhance livability for Arlingtonians. Want info on how to help? Email [email protected].

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