Arlington, VA

Build It and They Will Come!

(This Community Post was written by and underwritten by The Fred Schnider Investment Group/Fred Schnider Gallery of Art and Embracing Arlington Arts supporter Annie Sweeney.)

Our family company found that building a quality art gallery in our community as a pure, lively exhibition space, has been extremely rewarding and brings together all walks of life from our neighborhood and beyond. We urge other developers throughout Arlington to set aside permanent retail space for community events and art exhibition.

We opened the gallery without any experience but with lots of support from the vibrant Arlington art community, including artists, the Arlington Arts Center, Embracing Arlington Arts, multiple Arlington County agencies and many of our local curators who were excited to teach us how to be seasoned gallerists.

The Fred Schnider Gallery of Art has activated the Liberty Center streetscape and introduced us to new friends and the deeply talented Arlington art community. The gallery finishes and thoughtful and versatile design by preeminent Arlington architecture firm ASD/Sky are symbols of our long-term commitment to this wonderful experience.

Art in many various forms makes our buildings far more interesting than the architecture alone. In order to create popular vibrant spaces, it is important to understand what the people in Arlington value. The most genuine expression of the thoughts, feelings and interests of our community emanate from the work of our artists. Therefore, we must pay careful attention to what they indicate to us.

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