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Calling all First-Time Moms!

By: Mamistad

Whether you’re expecting your first or you just had your first baby, we want to meet YOU! Please don’t isolate yourself. All those feelings you’re having are NORMAL and it’s not just you! Join us to find your own New Moms Group. We have a Saturday meeting at noon on MOST Saturdays- and the next one is this Saturday, 3/15. This is a FREE Mamistad Introductory Meeting. Come meet other new moms and find out how easy it is to be a part of your own Mama Tribe!

We offer 2 types of groups:

  1. VIRTUAL MOMS GROUPS – with moms due within your due-date month in varying locations (FREE for a limited time).
  2. LOCAL (IN-PERSON) MOMS GROUPS – with moms due within 3 months of your due date (Small one-time fee)

Becoming a new mom can be tough enough without adding a major pandemic to the equation. You need and deserve to have mom friends to share this journey with – especially when you feel physically isolated!

Please join us for a Meet & Greet chat to find your own Mama Tribe! There’s no better time than NOW. We’re expecting you! :)



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