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Daycare Preschool Open Registration

MTB Early Enrichment Center is now accepting applications for fall and winter enrollments. We are a home away from home, and as such we decided to convert a house to our preschool rather than a commercial building, a true schoolhouse. All college-educated teachers and assistants have been specially trained in our Healthy-mind/Healthy-body philosophy and our unique curriculum with Spanish immersion that all children participate in, including infants. As an enrichment center, we produce various projects throughout the year such as our monthly art appreciation (children study a particular artist and their painting for one month), and monthly sports camps including mini-soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, and more. In addition, we provide music lessons, yoga classes, and dramatic play. To reinforce our teaching on healthy eating, we help children plant a vegetable garden while incorporating nutrition in some of our lesson plans. For example, children are offered basic kitchen/nutrition activities on how to make their sandwiches, shuck corn, or learn how to make homemade tortillas.

We provide homemade hot breakfast, lunch, and a pm snack with fresh ingredients including plenty of fruits and vegetables (from our garden during the summer). Some children eat from the menu as young as six months, (depending on the pediatrician’s note). Our teachers are experts on how to prepare meals by blending, chopping, or cutting them into small pieces.

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