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Don’t Make Divorce Harder Than It Has To Be

Marriage plans never include divorce, but if your relationship needs rearranging, Aether Mediation stands ready to mediate your divorce and finalize your Separation Agreement. Aether’s virtual divorce mediation typically takes 4 hours of active sessions and costs a fraction of the cost of the national average of $80,000 plus for acrimonious separations.

We provide Divorce and Family mediations virtually from the convenience of your kitchen table in a process perfected over the last two years.

Our 5-Star google reviews are a testament to the positivity we bring to couples. Our goal is to limit your stress during this intense transitional period and to do so efficiently and expeditiously.

A reviewer wrote about our founder, “Walid was wonderful. The situation is a difficult one to be in, but Walid… did a great job communicating throughout and facilitating the process”. Make a complimentary appointment at

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