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Embracing Arlington Arts Releases 2022 One-Stop Library of Health Benefits of the Arts Studies

The non-profit organization Embracing Arlington Arts is proud to release its revised a one-stop library database of 100 study links providing evidence of the health benefits of the arts for every community sector and providing the scientific evidence. “We have updated our online library to ensure that no study cited is more than 5 years old,” stated Janet Kopenhaver, the organization’s president. “This project was initiated as a result of our Strategic Plan approved by the Board of Directors in 2020,” she added.

The Embracing Arlington Arts Board of Directors wanted to create this library with links to peer-reviewed studies on the health benefits of the arts in order to make it easier for those interested in learning more about this topic without having to search hundreds of different websites. The database is broken down into five community sectors (Medically Disabled, Physically Disabled, Seniors, Students/Children and Veterans), with five study links for each of the four art therapy genres (dance, music, theater/drama and visual arts) for a total of 100 study links. “We wanted to encapsulate a robust representation of the breadth of studies available on these health benefits,” Kopenhaver explained.

The organization welcomes suggestions for additional studies to cite in its library. Submit your links to [email protected].

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