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Environmental Assessment, Pentagon Remote Delivery Facility Roof Structural Strengthening Project

Pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Council on Environmental Quality NEPA Regulations (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Parts 1500-1508), the Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) has issued a Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA) for the construction of the Pentagon Remote Delivery Facility (RDF) Roof Structural Strengthening Project.

To meet the needs of the military branches that operate flights at the Pentagon, the RDF Roof must support certain helicopter vehicle weights under both landing and operation conditions. The Project would enhance the structural integrity of the RDF Roof and convert the Pentagon Heliport (located on the RDF Roof) into a permanent facility that sustains the safe operations of aircraft.

Adjustments to environmental, air traffic control, electrical, drainage, backfill, waterproofing, and irrigation elements are also necessary. A Finding of No Significant Impact is expected.

To request a copy of the DEA or for further information: Contact Joe Eichenlaub, Environmental Branch Manager, WHS/Facilities Services Directorate/Standards and Compliance Division/Environmental, Sustainability, and Energy Branch; (703-614-9583 or [email protected]l). Send Comments to (due by May 4, 2021): Email written comments to [email protected].

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