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Jane Franklin Dance Fall Concert Series – So Much Diversity and Talent

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This Community Post was written by Jane Franklin Dance and underwritten by Washington Workplace.

An outdoor romp, world class fiddle, intergenerational reminisces, an adaptation of a Tom Wait’s song highlight Jane Franklin Dance’s fall concert series at Theatre on the Run. Saturday matinees feature family friendly shows “The Big Meow” and “Complete Dogness” plus performances by Local Motion Project and Go Bananas Dancing. Shorthanded layers movement with audio interviews. Fond memories of cultural change reveal connections to cassette tape, VHS, paper dolls, IBM 3033, Shorthand notation. “Auto Audio” is on a mission of adventure in the 3700 S Four Mile Run Drive parking lot. Movement rhythms suggest the American Old Western film genre, while illumination by car headlights and surf guitar music “Apache” by The Shadows completes the ride. Physical and fun, Beauty and the Beat is about presumptions that go way off course. You wonder about the guy who lives next door. Inspired by Tom Waits song “What’s He Building in There,” scenarios emerge of nosy neighbors jumping to big conclusions. Forty+ celebrates the collective creativity of people past the age of 40 by performing recent works by Andie deVaulx, Emily Crews, and Rebecca Weiss.

Shows take place Oct 27, 2018 -Nov 10, 2018 at Theatre on the Run, 3700 S Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington VA 22206.

For tickets, go to or phone 703-933-1111. Use code ARL for a 10% discount online. Join us for post-performance fun at nearby New District Brewing Company.

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