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MusicLink Brings Music Lessons to Children in Need

(This Community Post was written by MusicLink Foundation and underwritten by The Fred Schnider Investment Group/Fred Schnider Gallery of Art and Embracing Arlington Arts supporter Annie Sweeney.)

Everyone in the family got into the act, opening the box left at their door from the MusicLink Foundation, unveiling a brand-new keyboard for a new MusicLink student. His mother explained that he wanted to sleep next to the “piano” and couldn’t wait for lessons to begin.

The MusicLink Foundation reaches eager children, linking them with professional music teachers who agree to teach for as long as the student wishes to learn for whatever the student can pay. The Foundation has reached over 7,500 students nationwide offering lessons on all instruments and voice, equivalent to $15 million of in-kind service, and it all started right here in Arlington.

The beauty of MusicLink lies in its simplicity of linking a deserving student eager to learn with a teacher who wants to share music, creating musicians one student at a time. MusicLink students also have access to music camp scholarships, donated instruments and music donated by major publishers. Outstanding students can receive a $1,000 senior achievement award upon high school graduation.

Student eligibility relies on financial need measured by eligibility to free/reduced lunch at school. Nomination and application forms are found at We encourage the community to nominate potential MusicLink students and help foster our mission through donations and instruments as well as opportunities for fund-raising playathons where our students can perform for the community.

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