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On June 8 Elect Progressive Leadership

Matt is an Arlington young husband, dad, condo renter, youth coach, precinct captain, dog-father, Chief of Staff for a Virginia state senator, the owner of a political consulting firm that prioritizes recruiting and assisting candidates in races too often left unattended by Party leadership, and a candidate for Virginia’s 47th House of Delegates’ district.

Matt is a proud Party builder who champions ambitious and progressive stances to confront the fundamental issues in our Commonwealth and our society. The primary areas of policy that Matt believes need to be part of the discussion during the 2021 election cycle, include criminal justice reform, tax reform, cannabis policy reform and workforce development. Matt is running for this office because he’s not only already an effective law-maker and team-player, but the kind of visible community leader the 47th District deserves. On June 8, you have the opportunity to elect progressive leadership for our community.

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