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Openings for Women’s & Couples Counseling

Looking for couples counseling?

Grieving a major loss, such as a death or divorce?

Pregnant or postpartum and feeling extra stress?

Switching careers?

We are delighted to announce that Marcelle Maginnis has joined our team and currently has openings for individual and couples therapy, which she is able to provide for the reduced rate of $60 (individual) and $90 (couples) per session.

Marcelle uses the Gottman Institute Method, a research-based approach to relationships. With compassion and understanding, she helps couples deal effectively with conflict, heal past hurts, nurture intimacy and prevent relapse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) also informs Marcelle’s work with women navigating major transitions. A career changer herself, Marcelle is completing her Masters in Counseling from Northwestern University after more than a decade in health care journalism.

As a new mom, Marcelle understands the unique needs of women transitioning into motherhood and can help you find a sustainable, nourishing work-life balance.

In her free time, Marcelle loves reading fiction, baking desserts, exploring her neighborhood with her young son and in her words, “attempting to grow tomatoes in my garden.”

With all of her client’s, Marcelle’s top priority is supporting her client’s wellbeing, honoring their specific goals and helping them find joy and purpose again.

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