Arlington, VA

Ramps & Oysters Added to Pickle Van Home Delivery by Number 1 Sons

We have missed seeing our friends at our farmers’ market Pickle Stand. Video is not the same! Number 1 Sons is now bringing special & nourishing local foods straight to your home via the Pickle Van. Happy home delivery!

Pickles, kimchi, kombucha, organic local veggies & grains, breads, olive oil, vinegars, pastured eggs, apples, flowers, miso and NOW fresh ramps & oysters. If you need TP, sanitizer or yeast we won’t sell it to you. Tip our staff and we’ll include w/order at wholesale cost. We do all our own deliveries, staff vetted daily by medical advisor. My wife’s clinic is closed! Don’t go stir crazy — shuck an oyster!

Submit your own Community Post here for just $99.


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