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Reduce Unconscious Bias Online Workshop on December 10

This 90-minute experiential workshop provides you with a laboratory to explore how you perceive unconscious bias.

Lorne explains the brain science of unconscious bias and guides you through several hands-on exercises. You will learn and practice techniques designed to reduce bias and help you make better choices.

Decision-making research demonstrates that individuals who are highly aware of their decision-making process can see how unconscious bias influences their thinking. This awareness opens their mind to a broader set of choices and improves their ability to reach their intended outcomes.

In this workshop, you will uncover your unconscious biases and understand the unconscious influences limiting your decision-making. Lorne Epstein has been an HR professional since 1996. His book, “You’re Hired! Interview Skills to Get the Job,” has been downloaded over a half-million times worldwide. Since 1993 Lorne has been developing and leading experiential workshops. Visit his website to check out additional workshops.

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