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Reston Sparkles with the first Permanent & Custom Jewelry Design Studio Now Open

Forget dated boutiques and predictable, tarnishing gifts. The arrival of Golden Bond Infinite Jewelry Studio in Reston, VA is breathing fresh air back into the regions jeweler experience – just in time for the month of love!

This dynamic, woman-owned atelier is redefining the jewelry experience, weaving threads of modern design, custom brilliance, and a touch of custom magic into every piece and interaction.

When you step into Golden Bond, you feel like you’re stepping into a warm, welcoming, lake front oasis – just the way the ladies like it! Whether you’re arriving to an appointment for a piece of bonded permanent jewelry, designing an engagement ring, or stopping by to chat with our bench jeweler about breathing new life into a old jewelry piece, you’ll find yourself smiling and appreciating jewelry in a way you never have before.

Golden Bond isn’t just about the sparkle. It’s about the bond and the service – the one you forge with yourself, with loved ones, and with the unique piece adorning you. The experience takes jewelry from mere accessory to personal talisman, imbued with meaning and memory.

What is a permanent bracelet?

A silver or 14k gold chain, custom-fitted to your wrist is gently “welded” together with a safe, painless pulse of energy. Your clasp free bracelet or anklet becomes an inseparable part of your bond! It’s a metaphor for life’s precious moments, a sparkling reminder of those you hold dear.

BOOKING: Golden Bond is open Thursday- Sunday. Appointments online.

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