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Second Civic Federation Meeting on Form of Arlington’s Government

The Arlington County Civic Federation is presenting a series of public meetings to inform citizens about the work of its Task Force in Governance and Election Reform (“TiGER), which is considering whether the Civic Federation should be recommending changes in Arlington’s 90-year-old form of government. The second Zoom meeting in this series will be Monday, May 24 at 7 p.m. Lessons from Other Local Government, Electoral and Governance Reforms Processes: Portland, OR

This meeting will discuss the reform initiatives from the Portland City Club, which has been assessing possible reforms to the form of government there. The URL of the TiGER Corner in the CivFed website is: http://www.civfrg/ed.ocommittees/tiger/ this is where the access addresses for future meetings will be posted. Other information about the work of the TiGER, and recordings of the meetings in this series will be posted there as well.

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