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Support a Stronger Historic Preservation Law in Virginia

We ask voters in Northern Virginia to support changes to the Virginia Historic Preservation law (section 15.2-2306 of the Code of Virginia) (as written in Senate Bill No. 206 and House Bill No. 1210) to do two things, by signing the petition below:

  • Stop the demolition of nominated historic sites, buildings, houses and landmarks until the local government with input from local residents and historians has completed its review and decision whether to designate a nominated site
  • Allow local residents and historians who nominate a historic site to have access to court review of locality final decisions to ensure that the state law is followed

Please sign the petition to the Virginia General Assembly.

Nominated historic houses, sites, buildings, and landmarks and areas should be preserved during local review. Residents and historic advocates today have no access to ask for court review, often historic law is ignored.

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