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Thinking of Downsizing? Join Our Free Online Workshop!

Cody Chance and Dick Nathan of Long & Foster are hosting an online workshop on the topic of “down-sizing” Wednesday, March 3 from 5-6:30 p.m. Every great endeavor begins with a great plan. This workshop will give you the tools to design your plan. We have created a workbook with an extensive planning guide to enable you to design a personalized written plan for your move, and more than twenty pages of resources specific to Northern Virginia to help you along the way!

These resources will help you to find the best people to assist you in your move, and help you get the belongings that won’t move with you into the hands of people who will value them. The workshop format is a “guided group discussion” of the workbook, with a chance for the participants to ask their own questions, and special guest presenter Alexandra Fry of Orchestrated Moves will be joining us to share her many years of expertise in organization and moving. We will be discussing four major themes:

  • How to handle a lifetime’s worth of possessions without being overwhelmed
  • How to make sure that your legal and financial arrangements reflect your current and future needs
  • How to sell your current home and find another that is the “right size” for you
  • What you can do now to be ready to act when the COVID-19 pandemic is resolved

The event is free, but attendance is limited — if you would like to join, please call (864) 525-9253 or email [email protected] — RSVP required.

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