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Thinking Outside The BOx Registration Open for Online and In Person Classes

Do your children think they have all the answers? “Thinking Outside The BOx” is just the right thing for them! This class/camp gives your child the opportunity to learn how to think on their feet, spend time in a wonderfully stimulating and creative environment while learning how to tackle challenging problems.

The class/camp usually starts with a couple of brain warm up questions/challenges, followed by a presentation and open discussion on a specific concept/topic, such as brainstorming, team building, problem solving, critical and creative thinking, leadership development, and ends with a subject related hands-on project or activity, individual or team oriented. In TOB they will have fun and apply their creative and critical thinking while learning crucial concepts and skills for our new digital increasingly complex and challenging world.

The class/camp includes several interactive, hands on activities, projects each day and a fun way to learn problem solving, creative and critical thinking. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Paula Cohen at [email protected].

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