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Thursday Session Forming in November for “Me, My Body & Alcohol”

Are you a successful woman quietly suffering because of your drinking? Is alcohol starting to adversely affect how you feel day-to-day, your relationships or work? Is the upcoming holiday season adding to your stress level? “Me, My Body and Alcohol” is an ongoing online therapeutic group for women looking to really invest in themselves, better understand their drinking and learn about options available for them to feel better.

More importantly, we foster genuine connection so you can share your joys and challenges and gain support. Facilitated by psychotherapists Jyotika Vazirani, MSN, Nurse Practitioner and specialist in addictions medicine, and Sarah Moore, LPC, who see clients individually as well, if needed.

Meets Thursdays 2-3:15 p.m. starting in mid-November. $85 per week. For more information and to arrange for an interview, please email [email protected].

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