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UrbanArias Airs New Online Film “The Roost” — Part of “Tales From a Safe Distance” Opera Series

(This Community Post was written by UrbanArias and underwritten by Embracing Arlington Arts.)

If you’re looking for a quick distraction from the boredom of teleworking, check out the latest digital offering from UrbanArias.

We specialize in new opera — but don’t let the “O” word put you off. We have relevant, completely original material, in addition to great singing and acting!

Our newest work is a 13-minute film about a couple in lockdown expecting a baby. He’s been laid off, and her mother is overbearing, but generous — she’s letting the couple live in her spacious home while she’s off at the beach house, listening to her husband take loud naps. It’s called The Roost.

This short film is part of a larger project involving nine opera companies across the country — each film is a chapter of a longer piece, and is loosely based on Boccaccio’s Decameron. It’s called Tales From a Safe Distance.

Tickets are only $15 for the whole series. Episodes premiere every Friday night in October. The first two episodes (including ours) are already online, and the whole project is viewable on demand through December 31, 2020.

Creating opera online is a challenge when you’re used to performing in a theater! But with a very talented team of authors, singers and instrumentalists, we’re keeping the flame burning bright. We’re very proud of our first movie, and happy to be able to help keep artists employed.

I am here to change your mind about opera. I hope you’ll give The Roost a look!

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