Arlington, VA

Virtual Classes for Kids in Quarantine

Are you locked in a constant battle with your child over how they should use their homeschooling time? Are you tired of searching the internet for activities that keep them engaged and on track academically? Is private, one-on-one tutoring just not in the budget right now?

We hear you, and we want to help. Introducing: Virtual Classes for Kids in Quarantine. When you enroll your child in one or more of our virtual classes, you’ll enjoy access to: a fun, organized curriculum to guide your child’s homeschooling (so you can be hands-off!), expert teaching from a highly trained and experienced tutor, opportunities for your child to engage with a small group of peers in a virtual setting, hands-on practice applying what they’re learning so it actually sticks, and significant cost savings compared to private virtual tutoring (Save up to $700!).

All classes will meet via password-protected Zoom.

Submit your own Community Post here for just $99.


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