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Women’s Counseling Available Now In-Person & Online

Looking for help with anxiety, depression, postpartum or other women’s issues?  I have immediate availability most weekdays, in-person and online.

Anxiety can take over our lives and depression messes with our head.  Learn about the vexing, often self-sabotaging nature of anxiety and depression and how to manage it.  Acquire tools, specific to you, for overwhelming feelings, making better decisions, facing challenges and improving your relationships.

If you’re experiencing postpartum depression, learn the Path to Wellness, created by Postpartum Support Virginia, for whom I’m honored to be a Preferred Provider.  We’ll help you feel more calm, get sleep, have a stronger your bond with your baby, improve communication with your partner and build your new mom community.

And if you’re experiencing grief & loss, such as a death, divorce or job loss, we can give you a chance to be heard, reflect and hopefully feel less alone, so you can heal.  And when the time is right, help you create your new identity.

Find out more and schedule a free Zoom consultation at

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