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Offer and Event Mail Opt Out Donation Page

megaphoneARLnow.com is a for-profit business that is committed to publishing community news — produced by full-time professional journalists — that’s free and accessible by the entire community.

We created our ARLnow Offers and ARLnow Events emails in response to advertiser demand and in response to higher costs in our operation. (We recently started providing health insurance coverage to all of our full-time employees, and later this year we will be making a significant capital investment in making our website responsive and mobile optimized.)

Because it’s vital to our business, email blasts sent on behalf of local businesses are here to stay and will be integrated with each Afternoon Update subscription.

Even though we try our best to make sure the offers and events are local and relevant to our readers, we understand that a segment of our email subscribers find the emails annoying — much like TV viewers find commercials annoying and most people find junk mail annoying.

Unfortunately, beyond the cost to the company in lost revenue, we do not currently have the technical means to allow subscribers to opt out in an automated process. At the moment, opting out one email address at a time is a relatively laborious process that would cut in to the time we need to spend reporting the news and running our business.

However, in the interest of finding a solution for those who really do not like the additional emails — rather than us just saying “sorry” — we have decided to offer a means to donate to the site in exchange for your email address being manually added to an opt out list by one of our staff members.

Use the form below to make the donation and receive only Afternoon Update emails. This is a one-time charge and will permanently opt out the email address you provide. It cannot be transferred.

The opt out will take about a week to process, as we have to group it into batches.


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